How to install a Blogger Template in 6 steps

For first time to Install a Blogger Template, many people sometime take a wrong step when installing a new blogger template. So This article was written to provide a step by step guide on How to Install a Blogger Template in 6 Steps. Do not forget Backup Your Current Template before upload new blogger template.



Follow 6 simple steps guide to install your Favorite Blogger Template.


Step 1: Click on the Download button and save file to your hard drive. (.XML format).



Step 2: Extract / Unzip File that you have downloaded if it is a Zip file



Step 3: Log in Blogger dashboard.




Step 4: Go to Template section → Backup/Restore and Click on Download Full Template to Backup your current template.




Step 5: In Template section → Backup/Restore. Upload a Blogger template from your hard drive by click Browse option button




Step 6: Click Upload button,a confirmation message will appear. Now upload process may appear in your screen. Click on Keep Widgets




Now you’re done. Your Blogger template will be appear in your blog successfully.


Here is Video tutorial: How to Install a Blogger Template


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