10 Awesome Free Business Card Templates

There are a lot of companies in the world and they try to increase their business. Business card can play a great role to grow any business! Free business card template can also play that role! In business card they try to establish their business and it name its type and its address .This business card is a short form of their business. Short filling the space between – reinforce the messages in their media, while acting as a physical representation of their online identity. Remember – the quality of the company goes far beyond a way to exchange contact information – to tell your story. It should be enough to describe your business. Because it the mini introduction of your business or company.

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While a business card makes a statement about who you are and what it is like to do business with you. You should know that is the information is easy to understandor not? Are there any different ways to communicate with you that means can your customer communicate with you in different way? You must concern about that what kind of colors you have used and what can be said about you or your product? Are they strong and bold or soft and quieter that means are they proper or not? What type of incision used in your business card, it’s also important to know? Put all the carefully and in detailed and make it your business identity. All these things put subliminal and bring a messages to your customer. They talk about how you communicate, how attention to detail is paid and in general – to work with you. Here I try to present you a nice template of free business card.

This is a nice looking business card. This card has nice border and good shape. Here you can put all the information of your company .Here you can put name, email and website if have any. This is really a good business card and this will make a good impression.

Template Details

  • Dimension: 3.5″ x 2″ White and Black CLASSIC Business Card Template
  • PSD: This template is designed layer by layer. This will give the users full opportunity to edit anything according to their choice. Modify anything like color, text, fonts as well as shades according to your choice.
  • Setting: 0.25 Bleed, CMYK
  • Layer: Completely practical PSD layers, each layer is editable
  • Format: Print Ready Format
  • Resolution: High dimension, 300 DPI

This template is very easy to use. You will not face any problem to edit this template. Your opinion is very important for us. Let us know if you like the designs. Do not forget to comment in the comment box! We are eagerly waiting for your comment!

Black And White Free Business Card Template Psd



Super Elegant Black & White Free Business Card Templates Psd



Professional Free Business Card Template Pro Design


This free business card psd template is exceptional than others. A little bit difference can make a big change. It comes with a little 3D effect that will give your business card an exceptional look. On the front page of this business card template there is an option to attach your photo. You will be able to place your name, your position as well as the website link of your official website. On the back page of this free business card template you will be able to place the address of your office or even your home, your email address, your Facebook profile or even your Facebook fan page link and your official phone number.


Commercial Business Card Template Psd



Black And White Corporate Free Business Card Templates


This is a 3D corporate business card that comes with all features to attract your customers. The superb 3D look gives this business card an extraordinary look. The major colors that are used to create this awesome business card is black and white. Both of these colors are symbols of elegancy. The main key to create an eye-catching business card design is that it needs to be appealing, targeted as well as also informative. This 3D business card fulfills all the requirements. It is absolutely a free business card templates and you will be able to download the business card online.


Super Cool Designer Name Card Design Template Psd


This business card is the professional business card that comes with a lot of fusion! Different colors are used to create this name card or business card, however; if you look at this business card, you will notice that tis color is black based business card. Text color is black as well as also black color is hugely used to design this one. Front page also includes yellowish green, pinkish orange as well as purple. Place your name, your profession or any other text in the front page. The Back end of this template will give you the facility to edit your office address, your website link your phone number as well as your email address. You can delete any option that is not suitable for you.


Colorful Free Business Card Template Psd


The base color of the front page is dark gray with the mosaic combination. Front page also includes green, blue, yellow as well as red colors. You will be able to place your name as well as your profession in the front page.The Back end will give you the facility to place your home or even office address, your office or home phone number, your website link as well as your email address. If you do not have any website, then you can just leave that place empty. It will not look odd!


Antique Styled Free Business Card Template


It is a unique old fashioned texture or antique styled free business card template psd. This card is the combination of modern style and antique theme. This business card is suitable for photographers, film makers, story writers, designers as well as for all of those who love antique style. The Antique style business card is not like the traditional business card. This theme is completely different than the traditional business card theme. If you are a business owner, then this business card will definitely help you to draw the attention of your potential customers. Try this business card to feel the difference.


Exclusive Free Business Card Templates For The Developers



Simple Black And White Business Card Psd template


White and black business card template. In this business card you can write all your information manually .You just remove old information and write your new information in it. So it’s really easy and simple.


By: Kim Andersion – designfreebie.com

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