Top 10 Best Free Pinterest like Blogger Templates

Pinterest bookmarking website is a great social network where everyone can sharing images and photos about events ,hobbies and interests, etc. There are many developers and designers like the unique design of Pinterest. That why today i have collected Top 10 Best Free Pinterest like Blogger Templates which can help you change your blog design. You also can check out your list of this best free blogger templates.

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The best free Pinterest like Blogger Templates for 2014 are fully responsive and released constantly. You can download these blogger templates for free.


Responsive Johny Asal Blogger Template



Johny Asal Blogger Template is a simple responsive free blogger template with 4 column. There is no new feature in this template, it is just a simple template blogger with black and white color, auto readmore without javascript, 3 column footer and 1 right sidebar. Tag H1 and H2 ready for more SEO and visitor friendly to your blog. You can use this template for your daily blog.


Vasiliki Blogger Template Free




Vasiliki Blogger Template is a blogger theme is a jQuery masonry – A dynamic grid layout plugin and  It re arranges the content grids in a brick fashion with smooth animation according the browser window size. This is very nice template with is a very good if you are writing your news blog and want to share different updates, images, videos and more with world then this is a template for you.


Carmen Blogger Template Free




Carmen Blogger Template is a free blogger template . Theme comes with an attractive layout and color combination. This will be suitable for sites for portfolios, photo journals etc. The theme features a jQuery featured slider and 3 customizable widgets on the homepage etc.


7seas  – Responsive FreeBlog Blogger Template




7seas Blog Blogger Template is a beautifully crafted multipurpose and multiauthored blogger template. All the beauty, clean, sleek look and robust and sharp performance has been feed in this template to make your blogging experience more better. Not only the design but contents also has been kept on focus while crafting this template, we are sure that this 7seas blog will take your contents to a new height.


Gridpin  – Responsive Free Blogger Template




Gridpin Blogger Template is professional responsive Photography Blogger Template for sharing photos and designs. Responsive Grid Pin Template is making use of responsive masonry feature to give pinterest like masonry effect in home page, search pages, category pages and archive page. Posts and pages will have default 2 column layout.


Adapt  – Responsive Free Blogger Template




Adapt Blogger Template is the new magazine style blogger template , Pinterest design for photographers and personal bloggers. Responsive Adapt Blogger Template has been crafted using CSS3 and is powered by smart jQuery and crispy javascript codes. You will find the unique features in this blogger templates which you will find no where.


Enpine Blog  – Responsive Free Blogger Template




Enpine Blog Blogger Template is a minimalistic magazine blogger template that is beautiful to look at and is filled with powerful functions. It has carefully been crafted to keep the design out of the way of your content while also making a powerful statement on every page. It has features like HD Thumbnails, custom widgets, optimum width according to screen size and 2 columns. Responsive Enpine Blog Blogger Template is good use of space makes it an adsense ready template.


Pinfinity  – Responsive Free Blogger Template




Pinfinity Blogger Template is a professional pinterest clone categories blogger template for personal or gallery sites and have some feature like minimalist design with combination gray color for main background. Pinfinity blogger template is having 4 columns layout, no sidebar widget, auto thumbnail post at homepage, fast loading and the best part is that you can try to make pinterest site by using this template.


Post Blogger Template Free




Post Template is a high quality free Blogger template with Pinterest look by SoraTemplates. Post Blogger Template are suitable for photo, magazine blogs and Perfect to showcase photographs and portfolio.


Sight  – Responsive Free Blogger Template




Sight Blogger Template is a premium blogger themes for gallery sites and this themes very similar like Pinterest sites with simple design and black color for main background with combination wooden design, page navigation at header and social bookmark icon at top left header, 3 columns layout, slider for feature post, drop down menu, 1 right sidebar, auto thumbnail post at homepage and very good themes for gallery sites.


Free Accord Blogger Template




Accord Template is a high quality free Blogger template with Pinterest look by SoraTemplates. Accord Blogger Template are suitable for photo, magazine blogs and Perfect to showcase photographs and portfolio.


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