A powerful Business WordPress Theme

There are many WordPress themes that are particularly designed for creating professional business websites. In this post, I shall review the DIGAN WordPress theme, which is currently being considered as one of the best themes for creating business websites on the WordPress platform.

Digan preview image2
To start with, there are more than a couple of dozen readymade page layouts, which you can readily use for getting your business websites online.

It comes with the following layouts:

1.    4 variations of ‘Home Page’
2.    ‘About Us’ pages with 3 different types
3.    3 diverse designs of ‘Services’ pages
4.    ‘Contact Us’ page layouts with 3 different variations
5.    Timelines of 3 types
6.    Posting pages with 9 different types
7.    14 different variations of Portfolio pages

The admin panel of this theme allows you to upload slogans and Logos with just a few clicks. This theme is also designed for quick responsiveness on smaller screens of smartphones and tablet PCs. It allows for creating websites with seamless cross browser compatibility.

You can easily import images from the Headline and local storage, and also re-color them to go perfectly with your business design and shades.

If you are new to WordPress or website designing, then you could check out the video documentations and the demo, which will be provided to you with your admin panel

Visual Composer:

The DIGAN WordPress theme also comes with the Visual Composer, the popular Revolution slider and many other additional elements.

vc plus bootstrap

The Visual Composer comes with additional (add-ons) with 4 different bootstrap compatible plugins, which allow you to create and customize various website elements.

1.    Visual Bootstrap
2.    Visual Candy
3.    Portfolio
4.    Google maps

Bootstrap basically helps you in adding various elements to your website, which is without having to write the programs from the scratch. The biggest advantage of using Bootstrap is that you can develop websites with various functionalities quite quickly.

By using Bootstrap, not only will you be saving a lot of time on development, you will also be saving quite a significant amount on development costs too. You can easily use the blocks of readymade codes, and then customize them according to your requirements if needed.

For example, the ‘Google Maps’ plug-in gives you the ease of using various maps on your site to guide your prospective and existing customers.


Well, the theme is smartly designed for creating professional business websites, and thanks to the Visual Composer, you don’t need to hire the services of web designers as well. I feel that this entire package with both the visual composer and Revolution slider included which would cost you another $46 is quite a bargain . I would stick my head out and say, Good Value for Your Money.

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