How Facebook CEO Started

Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard alumni. He did not finish his studies but now he became the youngest ever self-made billionaire. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most influential names in the Facebook social networking. Let’s learn about his life and his career through Infographic below.


How Facebook CEO Started



Recap The Life of Facebook Founder by Anna vital:

– Mark Zuckerberg born in 1984
– He Falls in love with the film Star Wars
– When 10 years old: Sees his lather’s home and office and learns to use it.
– Builds a program connecting his father’s home and office computers calling it “ZuckNet”.
– When 11 year old: Gets programming tutor.
– Reads first book on programming C++ For Dummies.
– Makes games out of his friends drawings.
– Has his Bar Mizvah with a Star Wars theme.
– Becomes captain of the fencing team.
– Learns programing from his friend Adam D’Angelo .
– Learns to read Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.
– Builds a program that learns your music taste. Microsoft otters $1 million. He turns them down.
– Enters Harvard.
– Builds a site that lets students choose classes together called CoutseMatch.
– Builds a site letting you pick who is hotter (Facemash); in 4 hours his internet is cut off.
– Gets approached by the Winklevosse bros, about: help with a dating website .
– Helps the Winklevosses and drops their project.
– Builds the within a week
– New co-founder Eduardo joins and puts $10,000 for 30% of the Facebook
– Has 10,000 users paying $85 a month for servers
– Gets an email from Napster’s founder, meets up with him.
– Meets his girl Priscilla girl in line for the bathroom.
– Starts dating.
– Gets $10 million offer for the Facebook and walks away.
– Drop out of Harvard.
– Moves to Silicon Valley.
– MTV offers $75 Million for Facebook. Mark walks away.
– Starts new start up Wirehog.
– Spends $85.000 of his own money to keep Facebook servers running.
– Gets $500.000 investment from Peter Thiel
– Meets with the CEO of Washington Post, agrees to take his investment
– Gets a much higher offer from another guy.
– Flies to New York to learn how to be a CEO from Don.
– Gets $1.5 Billion offer for Facebook from Viacom and almost accepts.
– September 2006 Open Facebook to everyone.
– First hired programmer leaves after a few weeks to start his own video start up (Youtube).
– Microsoft offers $15 Billion for Facebook. Mark walks away.
– Signs a relationship contract with Priscilla before she moves in.
– Goes on pilgrimage to India to same ashram Steve Jobs went to.
– Starts learning Mandarin.
– Mark zuckerberg got married.
– Aims to connect 5 billion people to the internet.


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