Free Online Image Editing Tools to Give Your Photos Amazing Visual Effects

We take hundreds of photos every week and not all of them are perfect. Some of them need just some more light in one area. Others need some more jazzing up, to give some feel. Over the last 5 years, we have evolved from needing a heavy program like Photoshop to simple photo editing programs. Fortunately, there are now many free online tools and services that offer high quality image editing.

What You Want from an Online Tool

  • It should be easy to use
  • It should cover all the basic functions like cropping, saturation, rotating, etc.
  • You should not have to register and download an app every time you need to make small changes to your photo
  • The photo editing tool should be available to use from anywhere, not just from your desktop
  • It should have a good mobile website, so you can edit photos right from your smartphone or tablet

Here are some of the best tools that meet the above criteria and then some more.




If you have looked on Google for a free photo editing tool online, Pixlr comes up more often than any other tool. It is simply the most popular of all the tools that are up right now. It is also developed very actively, so you can rely on it for a long time. Most importantly, it has almost everything that you will need in order to edit your selfies and other photos that you might have taken on a trip.

There are no complicated steps. Go to the website, drag and drop your photo into the browser window and add filters, crop your picture, and do some funky effects and save the photo once you are satisfied with it.



iPiccy specializes in beautiful effects for your photos. Whether you have taken a portrait of humans or animals or a beautiful building or landscape, iPiccy will help you magnify the most prominent aspects of the photo. You can even:

  • Add text to the photos
  • Paint on to the photo
  • Create a picture by painting from scratch

If all you want to do is to remove some blemishes or apply a color filter, iPiccy can help you get it done in seconds. However, it also have other advanced functions that you might want to use if you take a lot of photos and are serious about making them look good.




As the name suggests, this is a great tool to fix problems with your photos. It is free, online and can be used from anywhere you have an internet connection. It works great on a laptop or even a tablet. Phixr is really great when you take tons of photos and want to rotate, crop or adjust color for them all. Instead of doing it one by one, you can upload multiple photos in batches and then rotate them all in one direction.

Don’t worry if you have goofed up some part of the photo with editing, because the undo function lets you roll back the changes. This is not very common among online tools and it is what sets Phixr apart from others in the online image editing space.



This nifty little free online editing tool was created primarily for social networking users who post a lot of photos online. If you see many photos in profiles with some snazzy effects that looks the profile picture look cool, piZap is most likely behind them.

It allows you to add:

  • Custom text
  • Speech bubbles in any size with the text you want
  • Colorful stickers that you can find for free on the website

It also allows you to embed your image into e-cards or any other website, so you can share them with others without uploading to your social network.

All the above tools for editing photos are free of cost. If you want to edit an occasional picture, you can use them without any trouble. Some of these websites need you to open an account if you want to edit hundreds of images. Nonetheless, there is no reason you need to spend hundreds on expensive photo editing tools on your computer, which have features that only professional need.

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