Free WordPress themes and Premium WordPress themes

Free WordPress themes and Premium WordPress themes, Which one is good for your business ? You will have the answer after this article.

If you are wondering about the difference between free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes and which is right for you, take a look at this article. In here we will explain who should consider using a free theme and who should use a premium theme. We will also explain the difference in the two. If you are new to WordPress, get a better understanding from in this article.


Free Themes and Premium Themes

Free themes for WordPress are just that, they are free to use on your site. However, most have terms of use attached to them and others are using the same theme as you. The premium themes usually do not have terms attached and normally only one is sold like it. These themes can range from $1.95 on up.

Who Should Use a Free Theme vs a Premium Theme?

Basically, the next question is which theme should you use. The answer to that is it depends on the type of site you have, your budget for the site, and what you want. If you are running a business using WordPress, it is a good idea to go with a premium WordPress theme so that your theme is unique and not like a hundred others.

If you have a blog that you are maintaining just as a hobby, then there is nothing wrong with using a free theme for your WordPress blog. You can edit most themes a bit to make it your own.


However, if you are blogging as a hobby and you have the money to buy a theme, then there is definitely nothing wrong with that. Usually those who blog as a hobby are not too concerned about having the same design as others. If you are running a business and using a free theme due to your budget, find a theme that you are allowed to edit. Then you can go in and edit the CSS of the theme and make the theme more of your own.

Which type you use is totally up to you. We have seen wonderfully designed free themes and We have seen great themes that you pay for. Just because it is free does not mean they are crappy. Keep the above in mind when choosing which WordPress theme is right for you.

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