Bootstrap Framework – What Is It and Why You Should Use It?

The importance of responsive websites is growing and has become a web design trend today. Besides, with the advent of technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, this trend is increasing with each passing day. In fact, you can expect to see evolution in responsive designs in the coming year. But, what if you’re a developer planning on building a responsive site without any designing knowledge? There’s nothing to worry about, as the Bootstrap framework help you build functional and beautiful responsive web designs. Additionally, a lot of people have called this framework a blessing for web designers.

What is exactly Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is one of the easiest CSS front-end development frameworks developed by the Twitter team. Twitter Bootstrap is a great framework for professionals who have little or no designing knowledge. It only requires you to write some HTML in accordance to the Bootstrap specifications. This framework comes with a CSS stylesheet, inbuilt jQuery support and some of the sought-after JavaScript tools.


So, with the Bootstrap framework you get to use some ready-to-use tools for creating responsive sites. You only need to put the HTML markup at correct place. Bootstrap help you accomplish the need to have modern, responsive, and mobile-first sites without much fuss.

Benefits of Using Bootstrap

Developers love Twitter Bootstrap because of the multitude tools and flexibility it provide, and several other benefits as listed below:

  • Ensure Consistency

This is one of the biggest reasons that led to the development of this framework. Put it simply, Bootstrap was created primarily by the Twitter team, to get rid of inconsistencies they experienced between developers when working on projects. Bootstrap produce results that works consistently across platforms. In essence, when accessing a Bootstrap template you’ll see that it looks same on Chrome, Firefox and other browsers.

  • It’s Highly Customizable

Another great benefit of Bootstrap is that you can customize its default design as per your own wants. In addition, developers get the privilege to choose what they want to keep and ditch the things they find unnecessary. And so, Bootstrap gives you the ability to tailor your development project as you deem perfect.

  • Save Time

When working on a project using Bootstrap, you can save a lot of your time. Wondering how? You can refer to Bootstrap libraries that offer pre-built pieces of code, and thus, spare developers from spending considerable amount of their time in writing code from scratch. All they need to do is find the right piece of code and place it into the website they’re working on. Besides this, Bootstrap let you handle lots of styling and design aspects, as it includes precompiled CSS built with LESS. In addition, you can access some pre-styled components like Dropdowns, navigation bar,  progress bars and many more.

  • Rapid Responsive Development

We all know that the popularity of Smartphones and tablets isn’t going to abate, and will continue to rise in the coming years as well. And so, it has become needful for website owners and developers alike to build responsive websites. And Bootstrap makes the process of creating mobile optimized  sites a breeze. That’s because, of its fluid grid layout that adjusts to fit the screen resolution dynamically.

  • Attractive Templates

You can find a number of Bootstrap templates on the web with stunning design, giving you the wherewithal to set up a fully responsive and customizable site in no time. These templates are easy to maintain, and can be operated even by a non-tech savvy guy. Let’s now look at 3 of the best Bootstrap template worth considering:

Soliloquy WordPress Theme

This Bootstrap-based theme is perfect for photography websites and blogging site. The Soliloquy theme provides bloggers with flexibility to come up with a blog layout featuring full-width images at the front and center of the design. Besides this, it boasts a powerful options panel that make you choose from over dozens of fonts, layouts, shortcodes and so on.

Juice Business Joomla Template

This is a fully-responsive theme well-suited for creating business websites or blogs that use images to convey company’s ideas. It features a clean layout with properly-organized content. You’ll love the large typography used for displaying company slogan. Most importantly, the theme is based on the Bootstrap framework, which helps in enhancing the theme’s layout.

Zerif Lite

In case you’re looking for a one-page responsive WordPress theme based on the Bootstrap framework, then Zerif Lite is the best fit for you. It is an ideal theme for creating sites for corporate, web agencies, and so on. The best aspect about this theme is that it support several popular WP plugins such as WooCommerce and others.

Let’s Wrap Up!

If you’re a developer and lack designing knowledge, then Bootstrap is a viable toolset for you that help you in creating highly responsive sites. Reading this post will help you learn more about this framework and what else it has to offer.

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