Top 7 Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins

For the folks, who have tried embedding the code in their WP blog posts, they will know how clunky it is with the default editor of WordPress, which is TinyMCE. Fortunately, to resolve this nitpicky issue, some developers have delivered outstanding plugins that allow users to make their posts more intuitive by displaying the integrated code in a great fashion. There is a gigantic array of plugins available in the WordPress repository. You can find a list of suitable plugins options, once you will search it over the Internet with the correct keywords. With so many options around, it is easy to get confused. So, to help you choose the best plugin, here I have compiled a list of the incredible Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins. These can enhance the visual appearance of your posts featuring embedded code, thereby making them more intriguing and easily readable.¬†Without any further ado, let’s distill them.

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1. Mivhak Syntax Highlighter


This lightweight syntax highlighter is designed on the basis of the enhanced version of the Google-Code-Prettifier. The integrated intuitive settings panel allows one to easily configure the essential plugin features and visual appearance. It comes complete with seven distinct skins and only three HTTP requests for skin, style and script. With the support for over 40 programming languages including Java, CSS, C#, C++, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Apollo, Go, Pascal, Visual Basic, and a lot more, the plugin delivers ultimate performance.


2. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved


Designed and developed by ViperBond, this is another amazing plugin that facilitates users to embed syntax-highlighted code snippets on their websites. It does it so proficiently that the genuine code format is not disturbed at all. With a remarkable support to all the popularly used programming languages, this plugin is quite popular among the WordPress community.


3. Crayon Syntax Highlighter


Add a splash of color to your code and make your post more appealing by using the popular Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin in your WP site. This plugin is developed in jQuery and PHP that make it compliant with the customizable themes and languages. It thus, allows one to conveniently handle language files and implement regular expressions for defining custom language elements.

Bagged with numerous utile features, the Crayon Syntax Highlighter is an absolute plugin that supports multiple programming languages and delivers high performance. Moreover, it is also available in several international languages to facilitate the WP users across the globe.


4. WP Code Highlighter


This W3C valid source code syntax highlighter supports all the programming languages and detect the intended language on its own. You just need to install and activate the plugin, and wrap the code with the <pre> and </pre> tags. By doing so, a code button will be created in the HTML editor. This button allows users to conveniently insert the desired chuck of code into their posts. It comprises four different themes, you may select a theme of your choice, or it will display a random theme by default. Moreover, this plugin can even access the active theme directory and itself can load the wp-code-highlight.css file.


5. HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter


Though, the latest versions of WordPress install possess the TinyMCE editor as a default editor, the older versions exhibit the HTML editor by default. Moreover, some of you may like to work over the HTML editor only. If you are seeking for a syntax highlighter specifically designed for HTML editor, the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin is a viable choice. With this plugin, you can beautify the featured code snippets in your posts as well as pages. It offers an option to choose from light or dark color themes and facilitates shortcuts for easy implementation. For instance, the full-screen mode can be toggled by pressing ‘Esc’ or ‘F11’, and changes in posts and pages can be saved by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘S’ keys together.


7. Syntax Highlighter for WordPress



This utile plugin facilitates the benefits of Syntax Highlighter developed by Alex Gorbatchev. It supports multiple programming languages including C, C++, C#, CSS, Java, Delphi, SQL, Scala, XML, and a lot more. This lightweight plugin is admired by numerous WordPress users and it is compatible with an array of web browsers. Moreover, it comes complete without any server dependency, which makes it easily accessible on the client side.


7. Smart Syntax


Developed while considering the Jetpack markdown, this proficient plugin automatically integrates the syntax highlighting Google prettify with the fenced code blocks. It can work in both the comments and the content section. It thus offers an intriguing and easy to operate markdown syntax fenced code blocks.


Final Thought:

Without being biased, it has to be said that all the WP plugins are good, it is just the matter of your requirements. This is why, it is advisable to scrutinize your business goals and accordingly streamline your search. For the folks, who offer tutorials, code chunks, etc. to their reader via their blogs, they may use any of the aforementioned plugins as per their needs and efficiently enhance the look and feel of their WordPress blog posts.

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