5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools Online 2015

Backlinks is one of the most important factor in SEO campaign. If you want to see what websites are link to your site or you want to research your opponents, then here are best free Backlink Checker Tools Online you should know about.


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Monitor backlinks of website are very important for all webmasters and SEOer. It can help you avoid Google Panda and make your site have backlinks in natural way. In terms of SEO today build less backlink with high quality from authority blogs are better than building lots of low quality backlink. So if you are looking for a backlink checker tool, here are some of the best free backlink checker tools online that you can use to check how many backlinks of your own website. If some of backlink checker tools not included in our collection, please comment to let me know.

Ahrefs Site Explorer & Backlink Checker

Backlinks Report, as well as Site Explorer, is designed to analyze links but uses a variety of filters and options to sort, so you can select links with almost any parameter. A cool feature is that the reports can be sorted using social metrics, giving you an added perspective on link analysis.

Majestic Backlink Checker

Majestic – Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing. Site Explorer shows inbound link and site summary data. Majestic SEO has about 10,000 users who rely on their backlink checker tool.

SEMrush Backlink Checker

SEMrush is created by SEO/SEM professionals for SEO/SEM professionals.  it is not a free service, but here is special link to try SEMRUSH for completely FREE for first 14 days which cost only $149. SEMRUSH is pretty easy for anyone to analyse the backlinks. You can sort the backlinks like Anchor text, total number of internal and external links .

Backlink Watch – Free Backlinks Checker Tool


Backlink Watch greatly helps you to know every bit about your inbound links. It includes anchor text, pagerank, quality of backlinks by finding total outbound links any restriction of nofollow tag.

Check your link popularity

checkyourlinkpopularitycheckyourlinkpopularity.com is a free backlink checker website online. Check your link popularity checker lets you check the backlink numers of your own website and the backlink numbers of your competitors quickly and easily.

Open Site Explorer Backlink Checker


Open Site Explorer is created by SEOMoz, it is one of my favorite backlink checker tools online.  It is worth trying if you want to compare backlinks between two or more domains. There are 2 package for users are premium and free backlink checking and analyzing service but i think free backlink checker tool is enough to get you started for checking backlinks of yours and your competitor.

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