What Makes HTML5 A Viable Choice For Developing Web Projects?

The world of mobile app development has witnessed the inception and fading away of a large number of app development technologies. While some have been able to create a unique niche in the app development arena, others have been simply ignored by novice as well as professional app developers. Out of the numerous app development technologies available in the smartphone app world, HTML5 has been successful in becoming the number one choice of developers. As a specification of W3C, HTML5 combines an array of advanced techniques which aid in programming apps that are fully responsive and loaded with different functionalities. Stay on this post as I’ll be talking you through some remarkable reasons supporting the use of HTML5 as a viable mobile app development option.

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1. HTML5 is supported by all major desktop and mobile browsers

Cross-platform compatibility has always been a major point of concern among mobile app developers. Since HTML5 is compatible with all major browsers like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, you can expect to develop mobile apps that perform better as compared to native apps. One of the greatest advantages of using the HTML5 technology is that you just have to develop the code once and the resultant application will run on multiple mobile platforms. This would effectively save your time and money.

2. Deployment is no more a source of concern for app developers

Unlike the conventional method of deploying mobile applications using extensive scripts and codes, apps developed using HTML5 come with a much more smoother deployment process. Deployment of HTML5 mobile apps includes installation of some fractional parts which can be effectively deployed using a set of open-source Javascript tools. In this way, your app gathers a greater amount of recognition on all popular app stores. It is interesting to know that the Chrome store already has a wide collection of web and mobile applications that have been built using the HTML5 technology.

3. HTML5 manages a centralized database

While developing apps using HTML5, you can leverage the features of a centralized database which makes it quite convenient for you to keep a good track of major issues pertaining to the proper functioning of the mobile application. Additionally, you can also grab excellent insights on solving the detected issues in utmost efficient way.

4. HTML5 app development entails effective exploration of device features

As compared to mobile app development undertaken using a variety of other technology, performing the same with HTML5 offers you an amazing flexibility of exploring varied device features such as: usage of shape function for activating GPS facility, integrating the in-app gallery for uploading images and many more. Additionally, numerous features of native apps along with awesome touch screen facilities can be efficiently utilized with HTML5 app development. To put it simply, mobile app development becomes a breeze using HTML5 technology.

5. HTML5 works as an excellent match for developing hybrid apps

Having a similar look and feel as the native apps, hybrid apps can be easily developed with the help of HTML5 technology. Plus, all the web-based hybrid apps developed using HTML5 need not be approved by the popular app stores. This is something which is unlike the HTML, CSS and Javascript-based apps which need to be approved for being made available to the general public.

5. HTML5 development comprises of instant updates and accessibility

As compared to mobile apps which are being created using Javascript, CSS etc; the ones developed using HTML5 come with automatic updates, saving the user from the headache associated with performing manual updates on a frequent basis. In addition to this, the apps can be easily updated on a real-time and there’s no need for getting the save approved from the concerned app store after every update session. All the changes made to the app are being reflected on the app’s live version on an instant basis.

6. HTML5 app development is accompanied by readily available manpower

If you’re keen on developing your next mobile app using HTML5, then finding the right team of developers won’t pose as a problem. The smartphone app development industry is crowded with app porgrammers who possess a great deal of experience in building applications that work perfectly on different mobile platforms. Also, hiring an HTML5 app developer is a cost-effective affair.


Now that you’re well familiar with the pros of mobile app development using HTML5, I’m sure you’d no longer refrain from using the technology for developing your next business or financial application. So, take the right step by embracing HTML5 for a refined mobile app development experience.

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