Best Secrets to Promoting Your Business Blog with Social Media

If you’re a small business then the best way for you to interact with customers and attract more attention is to start a business blog. And the best way to promote that blog is with social media. Using conventional advertising is useless for long-term content based sites (like your blog). Remember – especially if you have a business blog – that it is meant as a device in itself to capture an audience and attract more visitors. The idea of a blog is to have readers, and those readers will naturally have an interest in your business. A business blog is like free targeted advertising for your company or product. The first thing you have to do is promote your blog.


Getting Started

If you already use social media like Facebook and Twitter, then you know how easy and effective this can be. If you don’t, then just ask around; these are some of the most valuable resources to businesses of all sizes when used properly. You should start with the most popular network – Facebook – and create a ‘page’ for your business. Facebook has plenty of help on creating a page for your organization. If you have a site or blog that has frequent updates or you feel the need to use sentence fragments to keep people updated with your products or business, then using twitter is a great idea. Simply set up a twitter account and make a username that represents your business blog – not the first part of your email address.

Expert Tips


Now keeping in mind that your business blog should not be about you selling products – your social media extensions should encourage visitors to have an interest in your blog. Don’t ever try to sell anything on your blog or page. Simply by drawing in interest you’re creating contacts and visitors that will eventually turn into sales. If someone feels like they are being ‘pitched’ to, they are inclined to believe that everything you now say is a lie. But if you write and update with a knowledgeable tone and don’t sound so desperate, then ‘they will come’.

Easy Methods, Often Overlooked

Some of the easiest ways to promote your blog and your business are to add links and wording things like invoices, emails, receipts, catalogs, ads, products, websites, etc. Just say something like ‘follow us on twitter @designevs or ‘Like us on facebook designevs.


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