Why You are Not Making Money

Why You are Not Making Money

An article about where your focus should be at the start and further down the road.



Ever wondered why your visitors aren’t coming back or why your site isn’t producing any income (or not what it could be producing)? Whether you run a website or haven’t started yet, these tips will surely prove to be invaluable. By changing your focus, you’ll see an increase in return visitors and revenue.

Where Your Focus Should Be


Your focus is the most important factor for success in any size website. Believe it or not, if your focus is making money from the “get go”, then you won’t get too far. You should be focusing on the content first. Just like a Brick and Mortar business, your site should put the customer first. If your site doesn’t sell directly then you should be even more focused on content. Good content attracts happy visitors, and happy visitors will boost you affiliate and cost-per-click ad revenue.

Ad Specifications

When you first begin, your ad to content ratio should be extremely small. Ads should be no more than 2-3 banners per page and they should not be in the way of content. You should try to not place ads at the top of articles until you can safely keep visitors coming back. Having too many ads is a major turn off for your visitors. Your ads should compliment your content not an intrusive annoyance.

General Tips for Making Money

  • Make sure your site is user-friendly. (Navigation is Key)
  • Try allowing Comments; by engaging the visitor, they may just come back and stay a while.
  • Practice SEO all the time to get a good search rank. There are plenty of help article in this section (Getting Started).
  • Allow an easy way for visitors to give you feedback. This way you won’t waste time and lose visitors by constantly experimenting.
  • Remember, if you have good content, then the money will come to you. Running a successful and profitable site is not easy, if it was, then everyone would be doing it and you wouldn’t have the chance!

Hopefully, this article has cleared things up. As always, let everyone know about your opinion and commentary below. Thanks!

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