Best Free Advertising Methods Often Overlooked

Some of the easiest ways to advertise your website, blog, social pages, etc. are free and often go unnoticed by many publishers and webmasters.


If you are a small business owner and have a website or blog, then these ideas may shock you by how simple they are, but you’ll be sorry if you’re not using them. Start by adding links to your website or blog on anything electronic such as emails and invoices. If you have social media accounts, put their usernames and URLs everywhere. See Best Secrets to Promoting Your Business Blog with Social Media for more. On anything not electronic such as receipts, ads, products, menus, catalogs, newsletters, etc. write out URLs and add messages such as ‘Like us on Facebook designevs and ‘Follow Us on Twitter designevs’.

Other Ideas

These ideas should work whether you own a business or not.

  1. Let’s start with a car: Do you own a vehicle? If you life in North America, there’s a pretty good chance that you do and that’s great! Look into adding some kind of graphic to your car. Even if it’s something as simple as a magnet or bumper sticker with just your website on it, you’re getting exposure. Or, if you would like, you can have your entire vehicle imaged with your ‘brand’. Don’t be afraid to put your site out there.
  2. If you’re into blogging, you might consider ‘guest posting’ on another blog. This is where you make contact with a blog publisher and make a deal where in exchange for your post, the blog owner will leave a link back to your site (most likely using your name).
  3. But if you’re not into blogging, then try an older style form of advertising. Simply print out flyers and informational papers that encourage potential visitors to go to your site. It may seem a bit archaic but try placing these items around your town in places that get a lot of exposure. Places like bulletin boards, public buildings, stores, anything within readable distance from a road, etc. Just remember that this could be considered graffiti in some locales and you should always obey local laws, always!
  4. Start an email chain. Write an interesting blog article recently? Send it to someone (or more) in your contacts. Again, don’t be afraid to do this – All it takes is someone to forward it on. Word of mouth is the best way to gain an organic following, whether it being verbal, email, or social network.

Remember that no matter how little you think the exposure might be, all it takes is one person with interest. Typically if someone is interested, then they have friends and so on… All you have to do is start it.

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