Using Blogs for Backlinks Can Get You Better Search Rankings

Having trouble getting search engine traffic to your site after optimizing it over and over? Bellow may is an idea for you to get better search rankings.


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Have you ever noticed that when you submit a comment on a blog or forum, that there is almost always a field for you to enter your website? The truth is that most webmasters overlook this and lose out on hundreds or even thousands of potential visitors per day.

But how can a few links on some blogs that I posted on have any effect on my traffic?

Depending on what blog site you comment on, you really aren’t going to receive any direct traffic. You see, by placing a link to your website in a comment, you are actually placing a backlink from that blog to your site. The more backlinks you have, the more search engines (like Google) will recognize you as a respectable site; and the more respect your site earns, then the higher your search ranking will be.

But how do I get enough backlinks?

The key is to comment on blogs and forums that you find interesting and relevant to your website content. As long as you don’t spam and write polite and productive comments, you’ll be viewed as a legitimate site by search engines. You should focus on finding quality sites with medium to high traffic. A site with ridiculously high traffic might drown your comment with dozens of others. By leaving backlinks to your site, it will place higher you in the search results and will subsequently generate more search engine traffic (the best kind!).

This tactic is meant of course, as a supplement to basic SEO practices and submission services like free article directories and social networking methods.

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