What is Identity Theft ?

What is Identity Theft ?

Understanding it is crucial. Identity theft is everywhere, when you use your computer, talking on your cell phone, using your tablet for shopping, logging into your bank account or using your credit cards, checking emails and stealing personal snail mail. The list goes on. In today’s society communication is important and necessary. Unfortunately, there are individuals (criminals) who thrive on this type of theft and are hard to convict. They seem to be one step ahead and the only way to keep them in check according to experts is by an Identity Theft Program.


When will Identity Theft happen to you?

You won’t know until it happens. When it happens, your personal information, your identity, can end up in the hands of identity thief’s and will be for sale on an underground black market website. And, if you’re like most people, the password you use is the same password you use for all sites then, a data breach may occur. So a data breach on one site can expose all your accounts that use the password.

When will Identity Theft happen to you

How will it happen?

In many ways, on the internet visiting websites, Wi-Fi hot spots in airports and fast food restaurants and hotels and lobbies, email phishing and scamming, your phone and utility bills received in the mail, when filing your taxes, attacking your bank account, on your social networks. The list goes on and on. Thieves are probably thinking of new ways to get your Identity as we speak

Who are these Identity Thieves?

They could be anybody, your neighbor, the office co-worker, your team-mate on the softball team, the clerk at the store, postal employees, if you can think it, it’s possible. It could be in your neighborhood, across town, the city and country where you live, or from around the world. It’s scary to believe of where it can come from.

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