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Mobile Marketing–from marketing strategy to mobile marketing campaign implementation.

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The infographic above depicts the scheme of what your online presence should involve. Interconnected, each pieces plays a vital role in bringing free and paid traffic to your business. Hiring a professional consultant who knows how to create each piece and tie them together cost-effectively is where your online business strategy should begin.

A good social media marketing consultant will be able to integrate all the elements of the social media plan you see above into your business marketing activities.

Google Places – Did you know that according to recent research, a whopping 97% of customers – your customers – search for local businesses online? Another impressive fact from Google itself is that 73% of all online activity concerns local searches and content. What this means is that if you’re a small business that is looking to generate more leads, phone calls and even football – you really need to use Google Places intelligently, and actively.

Google places isn’t exactly new, but having launched in 2009 it’s not as established as many other social and internet marketing tactics. Many small and medium businesses are still not using it effectively, and are losing leads and business every single day because of it. Further, some small businesses try and set up Google places by themselves (or get someone inexperienced to do it) and this results in the whole thing being done incorrectly.

Setting up a Google Places account itself is fairly simple – specific information will need to be submitted to Google (eg content, photos and other key info), your listing will need to be verified and will then appear.

However, while not terribly complicated, getting your Google Places strategy just right can be somewhat tricky, partly because Google in creating your Google Places listing looks at certain other sites on the web to uncover more information about your business. Getting this step right is crucial, as it directly affects how and where your Google Places advert pops up.

Marketing your business with Google Places also induces inexperienced business owners and social media managers to make key mistakes that hurt their listings. For example, some of the common mistakes when creating a Google Places listing are:

  • Keyword Stuffing.
  • Choosing too many categories when setting up a listing.
  • Not including key business information (for example a business phone number)


Local SEO – Local SEO is a critical online marketing strategy for those businesses that depend partly or entirely upon customers from a very specific geographical area.

For example, if someone who lives in New York city experiences a severe plumbing leak, they are going to search for “Plumbers New York” rather than just “Plumber” – a plumbing company or even an individual plumber who operates in New York will want to be appear for the “Plumbers New York” search in Google, or risk missing out on business.

Local SEO

Of course, we looked at Google Places above, which is one of the most important local SEO strategies to set in motion. However, a well-balanced local SEO strategy can and should involve a fair bit more – here are some important local SEO tips and considerations:

  • Get seen in local community & trade websites. There are now lots of local websites, forums and social sites catering to specific trades and communities. Participating in these local online communities gets your brand valuable local exposure, and any backlinks that you can set up within local sites will be viewed with a smile by Google, and help enhance your local SEO ranking.
  • Ensure your WhoIs information is accurate – is your domain name registered with your business address, for example? Transparency and consistency are important traits when listing your business online.
  • Google isn’t the only game in town. While you may well want to focus the lion-share of your local SEO efforts on getting good Google exposure, you may also want to allocate some of your resources towards other engines which offer local business listings – like Yahoo, Yell and Bing.
  • Try and encourage positive customer reviews – Google will display reviews with your Google Places listing  – so it’s well worth trying to get your happiest customers to place positive reviews about your business. This can really help seal more business, as positive testimonials and reviews online are really priceless.
  • If possible include your geographical location within your title and content – Google checks the keywords you’re using in both the page title and the content. So, weaving in your business type and location within your title and articles can help deliver a better local search ranking.


Mobile Lead Capture In Today’s Constantly Changing Internet Landscape – The internet has evolved a long way from the days of dial-ups and gawky text-based bulletin boards. With it, internet marketers have had to change and adapt the way they attract new leads and customers to their sites. One of the most recent tactics to understand, and set into motion is mobile lead capture.

We’ll look at how mobile lead capture works today – let’s say you have an online marketing company and you are seeking to lead capture in New York … what things would you need to do? The fact remains, to engage in meaningful and efficient mobile lead capture in New York you would should be looking to employ the following mobile lead sign up techniques:

  • First get your mobile site display right – The number of potential customers using smartphones and mobiles is steeply on the rise. If you’ve ever browsed content on mobile phones, you’ll know the display can be off-putting  on those sites that are not optimized for mobile. Good marketing is all about engaging customers with high quality content – and having a comfortable setting for them to read about your great content is just as important.
  • Make your subscribe form bold and prominent on your mobile site. Your subscribe box should feature confidently on every post, and should be placed where the customer can see it right away. Don’t make them struggle and work hard to sign up for your newsletter, or you might just lose them forever. For example, for the New York marketing company, having a signup header that will instantly appeal to qualified customers – and placing it at the very top of the post can significantly improve lead sign ups.

Twitter Marketing Within A Well Balanced Marketing Diet – The appeal of Twitter as a social media marketing tactic is quite clear – it’s free, and allows your business to engage and build rapport directly with your clients and would be customers. Additionally, Twitter has SEO value, and with its 140 characters rule is possibly one of the quickest and easiest marketing tactic to set up and apply on a daily basis.

Twitter Marketing

Certainly, if you’re not yet marketing with Twitter, you could well be leaving money on the table for your competitors to pick up. Unfortunately, a lot of novice Twitter marketers get it horribly wrong by making basic errors that could easily be avoided. Below are some key Twitter marketing tips to help you maximize your marketing punch:

  • Don’t hard sell on Twitter. It’s more about engagement rather than constantly tweeting about how great your products are and how your customers should buy them right away. While you certainly should discreetly weave in information about your new product launches and tweet about special offers, a good 8 out of 10 tweets should be about establishing rapport and engaging with your followers. Keep it interesting.
  • Tweet with your keywords – for example if you run an internet marketing company that specializes in Twitter marketing within New York then make sure you use the keyword twitter marketing New York within your Tweets. Just make sure you don’t indulge in keyword spamming.
  • Keep the content fresh, unique and varied. Rather than just text, mix it up with some pictures and videos that are relevant.
  • Consistency is crucial – Tweet on a regular basis, daily if possible.
  • Be efficient – use technology like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets.
  • Be responsive. A key mistake that many newbie tweeters make is not responding personally to responses on their tweets. A follower who takes the time to respond will feel valued if you take the time to acknowledge their comments and questions. If you ignore them, it’s unlikely that you’ll leave a positive impression with them.

A good social media marketing company will be able to assist with your Twitter social media marketing campaign. The increased business created can often return multiples of the service fees paid and leave you with a lot of new clients.

Incorporating Facebook Marketing Within Your Overall Marketing Campaign

If you were ever in doubt as to the epic potential or reach that Facebook can deliver for you as a marketing tool, just consider this beautifully simple but powerful fact – if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest populated one in the world – trailing only China and India. It now boasts over one billion users, and it’s estimated that one in every seven people in this world of ours is connected on Facebook.


Incorporating Facebook MarketingThink about it – do you have many friends, family members or clients who aren’t on Facebook? Probably not. The fact is, your potential market is almost certainly on Facebook – and by setting up a thoughtful and efficient Facebook marketing campaign it’s possible to get new leads and customers, while simultaneously maintaining credibility and building rapport with your existing customers.

If you’re not already on Facebook, you really ought to be. A good internet marketing company will be able to help you create and optimize a highly responsive Facebook marketing campaign – the truth is many entrepreneurs and small business owners just do not set up their Facebook marketing campaigns up correctly, and so never see even a fraction of the true results achievable.

Here are some key Facebook marketing for business tips :

  • Give people an incentive to become fans. When potential clients stumble upon your Facebook fan page and see it awash with “Likes” and positive comments, it leaves a seriously positive impression about your business, and your brand. This is psychological capital that money just can’t buy. Initially, offer coupons, discounts and even freebies to get people to “Like” your products. For example, if you have a site called coupon site offers New York, that promotes deal site offers especially in New York city, consider giving away an ebook that shows people how to save money on products and services in New York. You’ll increase the number of likes to your fanpage, maybe by multiples.
  • Don’t be a robot, but stay on topic. Facebook is supposed to be social. So, feel free to be just that – be informal, share interesting pictures and videos and keep your fans entertained and informed. However, for the most part, try and stay on topic.
  • Get your fans to engage. You can do this by asking interesting questions, and asking people to share their own personal experiences.
  • Measure your results. Facebook is no different to any other type of marketing – you need to continually tweak, test and measure your results through the right metrics. Just a few of the Facebook marketing metrics you may want to monitor will include volume, reach, engagement, influence and direct revenues from any one specific campaign.
  • Keep your expectations in check. It takes time to brand a product or company. Just as Rome was not built within a day, so building a positive and engaged Facebook community requires a little patience and time too.
  • Work on your Facebook marketing campaign on a regular basis. A dead Facebook page is a useless one. If you don’t have a good marketing company that can take on your Facebook marketing for you, decide how much time you can allocate on a daily basis to work on your page, answer to comments and responses and post new updates.

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