Protecting the sanctity of your email list

After end of month or year, many of you, like me, must be sending out emails to forum members or subscribers, and some, like me, might be doing it after a gap of few months. This inevitably leads to bounced emails, which if you have large forum or email list, can inundate your inbox.

While it is an annoyance to receive large number of bounced emails, for the sanctity of your email list, it is crucial for you to ensure that those emails ids are removed from your list, so that you do not end up sending them an email, the next time your newsletter or mass email goes out.


Because let’s face it, sending emails to addresses which do not exist not only increases your chance of getting blacklisted by email providers (if you do it regularly and in large quantity), it also puts extra burden on your mailing server, with no real payback, except an inundated inbox.

So make sure to go through every bounced email, and take that email id. off your list.

In case of vBulletin, it is as easy as going into the AdminCP -> Users -> Search for Users and then pasting the email id. and then opening the user profile. Once you have done that, scroll down to Browsing Options and choose no in front of Receive Admin Emails and Receive Emails from Other Users.


You can also regularly send out mass PMs or add a notice on the forum for logged in users to keep their email ids updated. This will help you ensure that your email list is current and a user can easily reset his/her password, in case they forget them.


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