Some Tips for Web Designing You Should Know

An effective website designing can lead to a higher number of hits of your website and that is what all web designers aim for. If you are planning to design a website and want it to be a popular and effective one then there are certain points and aspects to be kept in mind.



  • Before designing a website you should know your audience. Knowing what your target audience is would help you understand what they expect to see in the website. You can then consider/imagine an ideal customer or subscriber and design how he/she would want the website to be designed.
  • Do not add excessive graphics on the website, especially if it is being designed for a formal organisation. It does not portray the right image of your website. The design should be kept attractive yet simple. Too much design can lead to the website being over crowded which won’t be pleasing to the eye.
  • Plan the colours, backgrounds, textures and fonts wisely. Make sure they go with the picture you want to present to the audience. For instance, a school website and an e-commerce website are bound to have differences in their general setup.
  • Provide good content in your website. A website without good content, no matter how good it looks, is basically useless. Provide all the information that users want to read or expect to read.
  • Make the website user-friendly and provide easy access to the main tabs of the website. This would make navigation easier and less complicated for the website audience. The use of “| Home | About | Services | FAQ |” and such other hyperlinks would make the navigation task much less complicated.
  • If your website audience demand a two-way interface then make sure it is there. Feedback and consumer reviews help a lot in the success of a website. If your website is not intended for that purpose then it won’t be necessary to provide that.
  • Contact Information should be given on the website; if a customer or a user has any sort of query then he/she should be able to reach you. An Email ID or some phone/fax number should be provided.
  • The website should be updated frequently; all the users appreciate frequently updated websites. They will not have dubious minds while reading the information on your website about whether it is out-dated or not. Mention the “last updated” date in the footer just to make things look more professional.
  • Having a search field on a web page is considered highly essential and is very helpful to the users. The potential clients would appreciate it if they are able to find relevant information easily on your website.
  • If you are including images on your website then be sure to upload them in a compressed format. This will result in a faster loading of the web page and will be considered good.
  • You should have valid XHTML/CSS codes; also their compatibility with different browsers should be checked and kept in mind while designing the website.

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