5+ Best Online Travel Agency Magento Themes

What is Magneto? Magento is the eCommerce Software and Platform which allows you to create a powerful online applications and eCommerce solution tailored to your unique needs.

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If you are a travel agency and want to create an online booking with Magento then bellow are some of the best online Travel Agency Magento Themes for you. All these Magento travel templates are clear, high-quality, professional and corporate look. Check out our wonderful Magento travel templates, create your own website to convert browsers into buyers and boost online revenue.

TravelGear-Responsive Magento theme for gear store


Best suited for outdoor activities clothing and travelling gear stores, TravelGear comes up with an wild and energetic appearance with slick and professional functionality. Now let’s enjoy some highlights about our latest premium site makeover.


Travelers’ Paradise Magento Theme

This travel agency Magento theme offers a wide array of options that can facilitate web users’ interaction with your resource. With a drop-down menu and back-to-top button, they will move around your site much easier.


Travel Products Magento Theme

Some people like traveling, others don’t. However, all of us should go somewhere from time to time. Smart folks prepare for the trip beforehand. Of course, it’s impossible to foresee everything, but your store will be very helpful to the wise travelers. We believe that the main thing you need on tour is a cheerful mood. And our template was created to stir positive emotions in tourists’ hearts. Its color scheme and imagery create a bright, fresh environments onsite, an atmosphere of anticipation of something good that will reload you brain like a computer and make it open for new experience and impressions. If our design concept coincides with the one you bear in mind, this template is for you.


Travel Agency Responsive Magento Theme



Travel Agency Store Magento Theme

Invite more clients to your travel agency with a positive eyecatching design of its web presence. This theme is a good choice for online store that offers a variety of trips, presenting all products in easytofind and effective way. Its metrostyled header promotes the hot tours, placing them in multicolored blocks and a sliders with bright tags. The new items are arranged in a line below and fleshed out with catchy ‘Add to Cart’ and Details buttons. Advanced search allows the visitors to find any tour they need in a click, and paired with drop down menu it creates a wise navigation scheme.


Responsive Travel Store Magento Theme

Extraordinary photos of this store stir the desire to visit all places, featured on site. The design is rather minimalistic as images serve its main decoration. Slider and banners offer different tour ideas. New products are presented in four columns together with prices and details buttons. Newsletter subscription form is in the footer as well as detailed subsidiary menu.


Round the Globe Magento Theme

Your customers will be impressed by the outstanding layout of your store. Rainbow colors look even brighter against the black background. Slider gallery draws our attention showing photos from all over the world. New tours are also displayed in slider. Banners promote best offers and discounts. Drop down menu and widgets help users find exactly what they want.



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