10 Of The Best Premium WordPress Plugins Worth Trying

You can find plenty of free plugins from the official WordPress Plugins Repository. The free plugins are useful and easy-to-use, but they might not be able to provide advanced features for your site. However, when running a professional site or creating a site for a client, you might need to add some extra features that a free WordPress plugin may fail to provide. If that’s the case, then you can count on premium plugins come bundled with better features, detailed documentation and support.

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Below is a list of some of the best premium WordPress plugins that are worth trying:

1. Swift Security Bundle


The security of a WordPress site is one of the major concerns that torment every site owner. Hackers usually target a WordPress site because of its popularity. But, what if you can hide that you are using a WP site? This can be achieved with the help of Swift Security Bundle plugin.

The plugin comes with a built-in firewall that helps filter malicious (GET/POST) requests. Additionally, it contains a code scanner that helps in finding malicious code snippets and so on.

Price: $36

2.  Visual Composer

Visual-ComposerHaving a responsive website design has become a necessity that is hard-to-ignore. Thankfully, the Visual Composer plugin makes the task of creating a responsive design an easy task. It is basically a page builder that gives users the ability to create aesthetically pleasing responsive design without writing any code.

Visual Composer comes with predefined layouts that can be used to set up a responsive page, in no time. Also, you can design your own custom layout with more than 45 content elements available with the plugin.

Price: $34

3. WP Pro Advertising System


WP Pro Advertising System is one of the best advertisement management plugins of ThemeForest – that is aimed at making the process of managing ads a hassle-free and fun task.

The plugin allows adding any kind of advertisement with plenty of customization possibilities. For instance, it displays banners containing category-specific ads, schedule ads, offers over 18 predefined advertisement display options and much more.

Price: $29

4. White Label Branding for WordPress


When creating a site for any client, you might not want your client to be able to access all of your website features. Thankfully, with the help of White Label Branding for WordPress, you can easily customize your site admin and login screen to limit the access of your clients to the admin area of your WordPress site.

Some of the customization abilities the plugin include uploading favicon, header logo, footer logo, screen options, etc.

Price: $29

5. Essential Grid WordPress Plugin


Grids are a great way to display content in an organized and attractive way. If you want to present your WordPress website content using a grid layout, then Essential Grid is the right plugin for you. This premium plugin helps display many different content formats in a customizable grid.

Furthermore, the Essential Grid plugin comes loaded with 30 example skins that allows you to create various applications ranging from blogs, image galleries, portfolios, WooCommerce shops, product sliders, etc.

Price: $26

6. Easy Social Share Buttons



Sharing your website content, most importantly, posts on social media channels is a highly effective strategy that can help you reach out to a wide audience base. If you want to make social sharing via your WordPress site an easy task, then the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin is worth a try.

This plugin not just allow to share your content on social networks, but also enables to monitor and boost your social popularity. The plugin allows social sharing on 35+ most popular social media channels.

Price: $19

7. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin


Whether you want to add a beautiful image slider to your WordPress site or aim to create  an impressive one-page website, the Slider Revolution plugin can help address all such needs in the most efficient manner possible. It is a responsive slider plugin that is aimed at displaying content in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The Slider Revolution plugin helps in creating modern style and mobile-friendly presentations for a WordPress site in no time.

Price: $19

8. Custom Widget Areas for WordPress


Do you wish to show distinct looking sidebars (or widgets) on your WordPress site page or post? Want to display sidebars in your content? Whatever your requirement may be, the Custom Widget Areas plugin can help accomplish such needs.

The plugin, basically, creates multiple sidebars (including custom widget areas in the admin panel). You can display the widgets on a page or a post, by using shortcode.

Price: $18

9. Foobar – WordPress Notification Bars


You might have come across several WordPress sites with the attractive looking notification bar at the top or the bottom of the page. Notification bars are an excellent way to easily grab the attention of your visitors to the most important piece of content or area of your site.

So, if you too want to add a notification bar in your WordPress site, then the Foobar plugin is exactly what you need. It helps in adding a bar to the top of a WP site or blog – that can be customized as per your needs. You can choose to display distinct notifications on all of the pages of your site or on different pages as you deem perfect.

Price: $17

10. Extended Google Analytics for WordPress



Have you been planning to track events using the analytics code? Unfortunately, you might not be able to achieve such an objective with the help of default Google’s analytic code. But, the Extended Google Analytics for WordPress plugin can help add event tracking to WordPress sites.

What’s more? The plugin helps make the best possible use of the Google Analytics tool.

Price: $15

Wrapping Up!

It’s a known fact that paid services are usually better compared to the free ones. The same is the case with premium and free plugins. In essence, premium WordPress plugin can help make your WordPress site a notch higher, by adding some fantastic additions in the form of enhanced features that you cannot get using a free WordPress plugin.

While there are truckloads of premium plugins available online, reading this post will help you learn about 10 highly useful premium plugins worth considering.

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