Configure Zendesk To Play Nicely With Magento

ZenDesk is a really nice customer support (help desk) alternative to email. I have a client who does several thousands of dollars a day through his Magento store, and as such, he needed a customer service solution that could handle this amount of orders. A shared Gmail inbox between three customer service employees just wasn’t cutting it.

When you sign up for Zendesk, you get an email address like From that point on, you will direct all of your customers to email you their customer service inquiries at that address. Then their messages will be brought directly into your ZenDesk portal.

But you probably knew all that. That’s why you’re here!

If you want to configure your Magento contact form to send messages to your ZenDesk portal, you’re going to need to edit a couple of settings in your admin.

How To Configure Contact Form To Send To ZenDesk

To do this, go to: System > Configuration > General > Contacts. Then under Email Options,Send Emails To your ZenDesk email address.


That should be it.

Just be sure that you don’t have the TO and FROM headers as the same email addresses. Otherwise all of the messages sent from your contact form to your ZenDesk portal will be suspended.

Messages Getting Suspended?

Quick solution: Just make sure that the only place you have your ZenDesk customer service email in your Magento admin is plugged in where I told you above and nowhere else.

If you’re getting your messages suspended in your ZenDesk portal for reasons like “Detected as mail loop” and others, if my solution above doesn’t help, maybe this from ZenDesk support will:

The main causes for an email being detected as a mail loop are:

1) The TO and FROM headers have the same address
2) The TO and ReplyTo headers have the same address
3) The FROM or ReplyTo header is your Default ReplyTo address ( Settings > Channels > Email )
4) The FROM or ReplyTo address are auto-forwarding back to your zendesk

To avoid these emails from being suspended, you will need to alter the TO / FROM addresses to not meet the above conditions.

Setting Up an Email Only Zendesk

If you’re taking customer support inquiries only through your Magento contact form, and don’t want your customers to know anything about ZenDesk, then you need to follow this article to learn how to hide your ZenDesk portal from your customers.

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