Self-Hosted WordPress blog vs WordPress-hosted blog

The most basic reason why people who’ve been blogging on WordPress choose to go their own way (self-hosted) is because:

First, they get to use their own Domain name, rather than a subdomain of WordPress, e.g.: Instead of, they can do: which looks way better, and gives you more credibility.


Second, Hosting your own WordPress site (Why WordPress?) on your own domain gives you pretty much unlimited speeds & bandwidth, which will be very useful is you finally reach the million hits a day and start the dollars rolling in (and probably retire ;) )

Third, you don’t get the limitations of a WordPress-hosted blog, for example, if you host your site on WordPress, you’re limited to what kinds of themes you can use and what modifications you can do on them, especially the fact that you can’t freely modify your stylesheet (the CSS files in the  “Appearance” section of your dashboard) unless you pay upgrade fees.

There are many other reasons, but these are the most important ones, so, take the plunge today and sign-up at JustHost to create your own self-hosted blog. Click on my banner to the right in order to also get a Free Domain for life (e.g. free of charge! It’s a pretty amazing deal. Once you sign up, getting WordPress set up is a breeze, on your CPanel (Control Panel interface) just click on “WordPress install”, choose the root folder of your site (don’t create a subdirectory unless you can create a redirect from your root folder) and CPanel will do all the work for you, including building your database, setting up your Admin account and getting you up and running! It’s that easy!

Once you get into your Admin dashboard for the first time, this is where the fun begins! First run into your Settings and set up all the basics, including the Title of your blog, catch-phrase, etc. set your security settings as you prefer them, then head over to Appearance and browse from thousands of free themes that you can install on your new self-hosted WordPress site!!

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