Top 5 Best Free WordPress Plugins for 2016

Top Best Free WordPress Plugins for 2016

Plugins are essential for your WordPress website in so many ways. They help you to enhance the functionality of your website, its design, create better experiences for your visitors and save you a lot of time. And, these are just some of the advantages that plugins can bring to your website.

Top 5 Best Free WordPress Plugins for 2016

While the number of plugins in WordPress directory keeps growing steadily, it is still difficult to pinpoint the ones, which are the best in their categories and work out of the box. Especially if you’re new to WordPress, finding the best and most suitable plugins for your website can take you a hell of time.
I have made a short list of top free WordPress plugins to help you to focus on your content rather than searching for them. All the plugins have personally been tested and passed the test of quality and functionality.

Event Calendar WD – Free WordPress Plugin

wordpress calendar

Taking into consideration the popularity of event calendars I couldn’t have started the list with the most functional WordPress Event Calendar WD plugin. It’s the most advanced calendar plugin available, which displays perfectly on all sized devices. It enables you to create, display and manage various events on your website with beautiful views and advanced options.

There are 7 view options and 6 customizable themes available in the plugin. It allows you to create event tags and categories, mention event organizers and the location, add featured image and social sharing buttons. There is an option for adding recurring events on your calendar, with just setting the repeating rate for it.  Event Calendar WD supports structured event markup feature, which ensures the discoverability of the events you organize by search engines.
If you’re looking for an event calendar plugin this one is your best choice.

Akismet – Free WordPress Plugin

Akismet - Free WordPress Plugin

The issue of spammy comments is an annoying and never ending problem. It takes so much time to clear the spam comments that almost no time remains for moderating legitimate ones. This is where Akismet comment filtering plugin comes in. Although it comes pre-installed in WordPress, you still have to activate it to start working. It is a comment spam filtering plugin that is highly recommended to use for every website.

It fights spam in your website’s comments section with its powerful algorithms, and prevents spammy comments appearing in your moderation queue. It detects as spam the comments, which were identified spammy by other websites. So, if there are users that keep posting spam comments on various websites, these comments will be automatically blocked. It’s super easy to configure. To activate the plugin you just need to enter the Akismet API key, which you’ll get directly from Akismet’s website.

Monarch – Free WordPress Plugin

Monarch - Free WordPress Plugin

When speaking about the top plugins I just could not miss mentioning Monarch. It’s the most powerful, stylish, fast and functional social sharing plugin for WordPress. It includes over 20 social networks to choose from, and you can create a custom collection of networks for your visitors. Monarch enables you to add social sharing buttons in different location on your website.
There are also over 35 networks available for social following.

You can insert social following icons anywhere on your website using the shortcodes.Monarch enables you to create sharing buttons using your preferences in terms of colors, design,shapes,hover effects, social counts,etc. It’s responsive and ensures the buttons look equally well on desktop and mobile devices. You can easily check your following, sharing, and likes’ statistics by accessing your dashboard at any time.

Slider WD – Free WordPress Plugin

Slider WD - Free WordPress Plugin

Finding a high-quality plugin is difficult, but finding a high-quality and responsive slider plugin is a complete torture. Some of them fail to adapt to mobile devices and other small-sized screens, and are limited in functionality as well. After testing and trying out numerous slider plugins, I stopped by Slider WD. Its features and functions are advanced and it adopts to absolutely every screen.
You can create unlimited sliders with three options for image adding, such as your media library, Slider WD media upload,and by image URL. You can also embed media from different social networks.

There are hotspot, text, image, video and social button layers to your slides, which are a great way to enhance the potential of your slides. Slider WD supports, parallax, carousel and filmstrip effects. There are 26 transition and 38 layer effects available in the plugin, to have your slides look nice and cool.With the shortcode you can place your sliders in any of your website’s posts and pages.

DIsqus Comment System – Free WordPress Plugin

DIsqus Comment System - Free WordPress Plugin

Disqus is one of the most popular commenting systems available. The popularity of this plugin lies in the ease of its use and configuration and,of course, the useful features that it offers. It will take you only a couple of minutes to install and set it up on your website. It’s mobile friendly and works perfectly on any device. It also helps to speed up your website load, as it loads up the cached versions of the comments to your website.

Disqus is also good at keeping people longer on your website and encouraging interaction. It displays links to your other posts to the commenters and is sure to increase page views. The Disqus Analytics is a great feature to monitor how much activity is taking place in your comments section. You can easily track which of your posts are getting the most engagement and can use the information for your future posts.

WordPress is an incredibly fast growing platform. Although its managing options are wide and advanced, there are also great plugins that are able to further enhance its functionalities and make your website better. The plugins presented above are the most advanced and powerful ones in their categories, and are sure to be very useful for better serving your visitors. They have a mind-blowing number of installs, positive reviews and rankings. Try them out and share your experience with me by leaving a comment below. Hope you love our list about best Free WordPress Plugins for 2016.

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