Will Shopify Theme Work with Any Platform ?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to create online store. It consists of 50000 online retailers. It was founded by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. It was launched on a platform called Ruby on Rails.It is one of the best e-commerce CMS platform available. Place an order and the implementation is done by the experienced Shopify team. It have a trial version of 14 days free for the new users. After that period, they can select from the existing plans like Lite, Basic, Professional and Unlimited with varying cost.

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Will Shopify Theme Work with Any Platform ?
A new feature called Shopify 2 have been initiated. It is a major update and redesign to the back-end admin. This feature have an additional search and filtering features, a live theme editor, and more intuitive paths to all admin functions. The appearance of the original website remains the same. This update can be acquired with no extra cost. The new filter and search options lets us to easily and quickly find products, orders or customers anywhere. Partial charge or refund of an amount can be easily updated without canceling the order. Shopify 2 is a complete rewrite and redesign of the platform, and it will allow to release new features at a much faster pace.

In Shopify , when a product is added, one can quickly create variants with multiple dimensions. I.e. choosing to sell t-shirts all of different sizes, colors etc, instead of having to create 20 or more different products, with Shopify it can all be completed in one simple motion.

On average, about 67% of all online sales are abandoned while checking out. In Shopify , the list of abandoned checkouts are visible on their own page. We can easily see the name, email and shipping address for customers that started checking out but didn’t complete a transaction with the store. It is also possible to email them a link so as to continue their checkout just where they had left off. Handling abandoned checkouts like this can be another great way of increasing sales. It also includes more built-in SEO and marketing feature to get some customers for our products.

Sitemaps & Shopify:

Shopify comes with XML sitemap functionality built in. A sitemap is a web page that lists all of the various pages on your website in one easy to format that the search engines can use as a starting point when their web crawlers visit your Shopify site. XML sitemap could be called a cookie jar for Googles bot crawler who wants to find as many pages across the internet of useful content on the web. The sitemap provides a list of all the pages on the site in an easy to read format for users to quickly find the page they are looking for. It also has some search engine value as well

Google Webmaster Tools & Shopify:

One can use the same account as the Google Merchant account if planning to advertise on Google Product Search.

Google Analytics and Shopify:

There are two primary methods of setting up Google Analytics on a website. One is regular tracking or e-commerce tracking. AS Shopify is known as an e-commerce hosting platform, therefore e-commerce tracking would be the best option to use. Enabling the e-commerce platform of tracking on the site we will be able to associate revenue amounts ever time we visit our Google Analytics account. This is very important and will benefit us greatly over the lifetime of the shop

Migrating a Website to Shopify:

Migrating a website from one platform/host to another can be one of the most nerve-wracking events in the life of the online business. There are myriad’s of hidden dangers that are never fully anticipated. You can use a tool like Screaming Frog known as a SEO Spider to crawl your old site before you migrate and get a URL list to work from. The free version will crawl up to 500 pages of a site.

Best Shopify Theme

The preferred method to get this list would be to already have access to Google Webmaster Tools on the old site.

Make sure that we have working access to the domain registrar like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or whomever is used so that you will be able to point the domain via DNS to Shopify when the site is ready to go live.

Anytime we change the URL structure of a site, we can expect to lose rankings in Google for a period of time. Usually this is 2 weeks or less, but can be up to 2 months! There are some methods to help get the site crawled faster that have to do with submitting old sitemaps to Google to get them to crawl the old pages and see the 301 redirects faster or using the Fetch as Googlebot feature in Google Webmaster. It can also be used with the bing and other search engines as well.

Shopify uses a templating language called Liquid which is a Ruby Library built. Web store will be hosted by Shopify on their servers. That’s the nature of Shopify as a hosted e-commerce platform.

Therefore Shopify is an application which can be accessed through any CRM platform. Any type of search engines can also be migrated with this application. Another application that can be mentioned is WordPress. WordPress to manage most of the content, while at the same time using Shopify to hold down the e-commerce part of the site. Usage of both the features in a single site would be termed as WordPress/Shopify hybrid website. An effective tool for online shop is without a doubt Shopify.

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