Reasons Why Web Developers Should Adopt Angular JS

If you want to learn about Angular JS then here are some reasons why Web Developers Should Adopt Angular JS

If you are building an enterprise web app, then without any doubt AngularJS should be your true calling. But what exactly is AngularJS. It is a Javascript MVC framework which is built by Google to create properly architecture as well as maintainable web applications. This power-packed structural framework enhances the quality and efficiency of the end product: you see fewer bugs and produce features a lot more quickly. So basically you get to put forwards yours applications components precisely and clearly.

Reasons Why Web Developers Should Adopt Angular JS

Given below are prime reasons why Angular JS usage is gaining momentum.

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AngularJS ensures reliability

AngularJS framework is created and maintained by Google. So as a developer you can be sure that you are operating a steadfast code base which will lead to efficiency and good quality. Most of the other JavaScript application frameworks are built by independent entities but Angular JS is created by huge popular Google professionals Adam Abrons and Miško Hevery. So this is one of the prime reasons why this framework has an edge over others and web developers should learn it without any second thoughts.

AngularJS is easier to work with

Angular JS works without any hassle and without any delay reflects whatever you type. Because of being easy as well as straightforward a lot of people prefer this framework. There is hardly any complexity involved with standing up any model. This powerful framework does not derive anything from any existing object.

Makes use of MVC Architecture

AngularJS makes use of the original Model-View-Controller architecture. Usually the developers split any application into different MVC components and after that write the vital code in order to link things together. This is not there with Angular JS, as it only wants you to split up the app and then take care of everything by its own without any hassle. Basically, Angular is quite similar to Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) design pattern.

Directives explain behavior

Directives in AngularJS facilitate developers to create standalone, custom and reusable HTML components. These can be used to hide complicated DOM structure, take care of all DOM manipulations and then describe how a particular view component ought to behave. As they comprise of all the DOM manipulation code, MVC app can be separated from it in order to alter the view with new data. So directives will define the resulting behavior of view. What’s more you can pick up any of the pre-built directives.

Two-way Data Binding minimizes Boilerplate

A very powerful feature of Angular JS is it two-way data binding. This basically updates the view automatically as and when any change takes place in the model. This most unique feature in AngularJS has made it very popular. A regular MVC framework necessitates the developers to manually store the data in model and then place it into view. This generates a significant amount of boilerplate code. Because of two-way data binding of Angular JS, the models are bind to HTML elements. This saves the developers from pain of writing any redundant code. Less code mean less effort on the part of the programmers. There work reduces and they can put their effort elsewhere.

AngularJS bolsters Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications have become increasingly popular. They fulfill a very important purpose. Basically they provide more functionality to the web and the browser is able to realize its complete potential. Because of their design SPA applications are more responsive than other applications. They offer a unique experience which feels like a native application on the web. They also cut down load on server and minimize network traffic..Rather than forwarding full page of markup, one can transmit payload of data and turn it into the markup at client.

Easier working with filters

Filters organize the data ahead of its reaching the view. This can mean something as easy as formatting the decimal places on any number, turning around the order of array, filtering an array on basis of any parameter, implementing pagination etc.  With Angular JS working with filters becomes hugely easy.

So basically because of all of the above mentioned reasons web developers must focus on learning Angular JS which is undoubtedly a robust framework.

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