Visit More Than One Country At The Same Time, Do You Believe?

There are many places in the world that share borders with each other; therefore, there are some special places at which you can easily step your foot on at least 2 countries at the same time.

Throughout the world, there are still peaceful borders that make strong impression on tourists, given that they could be on many countries at the same time. This interesting feature also attracts a lot of visitors to take photographs with these special borders.

Holland and Belgium are famous with the zig zag border, so tourists visiting these countries always try to take photos in which they step their feet in both two nation.

This guy also selfies when he is standing at the middle of border of Sweden and Norway.

This man is in the U.S.A now, but if he put a small step backward, he will be in Canada.

These citizens make use of the Mexico- America border as a net to play volleyball.

One foot of this man is in German, and the other is in Holland.

This is Switzerland-Italy border. It is just a small yellow line.

Standing at this place, tourists can be in 3 countries Belgium, Holland and German at the same time.

Here in this place, if you turn left you will be a Portugese. You will be a Spanish if you turn right. Or you can choose to be a citizen of both Portugal and Spain should you stand at this place.

If you stand at different positions around this table, you will be a citizen of different kind of countries: Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

The border of China and India. Can you see that one side covered by snow while the other side is desert?

When standing at Cape Agulhas, you will have chances to appear contemporarily in 2 huge ocean Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.

It is so amazing, isn’t it? Do you know any countries that shares borders with each other? Or have you ever take photographs at these places? I would be very pleased if you share with us! 🙂


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