10 Best Title Tag Optimization Tips for Better SEO

One of the most important basics SEO practices, is writing the best title tag and optimize it for search engines. It’s the first thing appear in browsers from your site. Here are 10 Best Title Tag Optimization Tips for Better SEO and increase your traffic. These guidelines will give you the best way to write perfect title tags.

Title Tag: What Does it Mean?

Title tags are part of the meta tags that appear at the top of your HTML.

Meta tags are HTML elements used to provide the right information about your site for search engines like meta tag, meta description, meta keywords, etc.
To find your page title tag, just right click in any browser and choose “View Page Source” then find “title” word by press CTRL + F in your keyboard

Title Tag: Why it’s Important for SEO?

Your pages title tags should contain most important keywords to tells the search engines and visitors what is your page about.

  • Browser
    Its the top first part appear in visitor’s browser, What could be important more than this?. You can consider it like the book’s title at the first page.
  • Search Engine Rich Snippets
    Relevant and optimized title tag will encourage the visitors to click on your pages once it’s appear in search results because it’s correctly described what they are looking for.
  • Social Media
    Title tags using as anchor text link in social media titles.
  • Visitors
    Title tags always help your visitors to find bookmarked site and determine the tabs in their browser.

How to Optimize Your Title Tags?

Since title tags playing a vital function in SEO, implementing best practices for title tags makes for a terrific low-effort, high impact SEO task. Try to apply the following Optimization to be readable for both visitors and search engine bots.

1- Title Length
Title tag length should be between 10 and 70 characters (usually 50-60 characters) including spaces, Avoid long titles because search engines will drop it After a certain length and replaced with a ellipsis (…). It’s better to write a great title that converts and get more clicks.

2- Best Keyword Position
Place your most important keywords at the first in your title tag to get more attentions for users which lead for more clicks. The closer to the start of the title tag a keyword is, the more helpful it will be for ranking. Also it will tells search engines which is the target keywords.

3- Avoid Stop Words
Stop words are words which are filtered out before or after processing of natural language which means are ignored by search engines, and here is the list of common stop words.

Avoid Stop Words

4- Use Pipes for Keyword Separation
It’s suitable to use pipes | to separate important keywords to make it looks clean in search engine results.

5- Brand Name Position
It’s very important to place your site name brand at the end of the title to build a great reputation for your site.

6- Give A Unique Title
Don’t duplicate title tags, you have to give each page a unique title to prevent duplicate content and potentially penalized your site.


7- Relevant is Highly Important
Title tags must describe the content of your page shortly and precisely, Also use keyword phrases instead of keywords to target unique user searches. Keyword phrases are great for your site rank to reach highly competitive positions.

8- Avoid keyword Stuffing
Repeat the same keyword many times in title tags to spam search rankings won’t help you at all, actually it will kill your rank sooner or later and Google will penalize your site for this.

9- Use Modifiers
Modifiers in SEO are words like (How to, best, top, find, offers, buy, cheap and reviews), users add it when trying to find more relevant search results in a search engine. Using modifiers in the title can quickly inform a user what to expect on a web page.

10- Add Numbers at the First
Using number at the front of your title has higher chance of users clicks and its attract their attention easily, this is purely a usability tip.

Add Numbers at the First


  • Don’t overuse synonyms or keywords.
  • Don’t try to spam search engine because they are smarter than what you think.
  • Creating a perfect title tag will bring more visitors from the search results.
  • Title tag is the first interaction with your site by visitors in search results, it should carry the most important idea of your content.

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