5 Top Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

To Boost your website Organic Traffic, You need convenient strategy, creative ways and website optimization to turn your site into a powerful traffic machine. Here are 5 Top Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

Top Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic
Building organic traffic is the most important step in your website’s success and its the hardest mission you well ever work on it since you launched your site, but in the same time its the best ways to bring profitable traffic that will keep coming today, tomorrow and for enough long time to be happy with your site winning.
Improve your site presence in search engines for more organic traffic takes a lot of time, effort and patience to build a huge reputation and great base of loyal visitors. In order to do so, you need convenient strategy, creative ways and proper website optimization to turn your site into a powerful traffic machine.

#1: Incredible Content

The only thing that makes your visitors stay on your site is your content, neither your theme charm nor footer awesomeness. First, you have to get the idea of your post content then write down the main headlines that circumvents around this idea.
Write quality content is the main purpose to make your website unique and original. it is not just fill your site out with more words to get big content or even buy rubbish articles from other cheap and useless freelancers, it’s more like writing poetry that must be attractive, creative and artistic to be more interesting for visitors to read.


How to Write Quality Content that Stands Out?

Research First: Once the idea of your post pop into your head, start a research immediately to get all points that related to this idea and cover all important long tail keywords that you will use it in your content. Also, research about post idea before start writing will give you a great list of websites that provide additional information.

Be Well Organized: If you are planning to write long article then don’t make it a mess and use headlines carefully to attract their attention for the main points of your content.

In-Depth Information: The visitor who land on your site from search results, expecting the answer to his question that he already typed in search engines. So, writing shallow and thin content will force the visitors to push “back” button in their browser to find better website that fix his issue or answer his question.

Avoid Copy Others Content: It will not make your site looks poor only but also will result in a penalty from Google, which lead to grab your site to the darkest place in the marketing world which is De-index. You have to write with your own style, unique and creative way.

First Impression is the Last Impression: Make your first sentences your best part because you have about five seconds to catch your visitors and attracting them to keep reading your article then start moving smoothly to the end of your content to became your loyal client by bookmark your site.

Conclusion: At the end, give your visitors the key of concepts to cover any points that may missed when they read your content.

Don’t Publish Yet: Quality writing content never happens in the first contact with your idea, it always recommended to draft your post first then start edit later with a fresh mind to create the best content you possibly can before hitting the “Publish” button.

Write Consistently: Of course, successful website needs continuous writing quality content because search engines rank your site based on the frequency of how often it’s updated. Also, it gives a hint for your visitors that your site is a live and you always around to reply to their comments and suggestions.

#2: Follow Google Guidelines

Once you read any articles about organic traffic or search engines, first thing pop into your mind is Google, Right?
Google is world’s most popular search engine ever, because he always provides more relevant information and instant search saves time. So, it’s more reasonable to follow Google Webmaster Guidelines to get more target quality traffic.
Following these guidelines will help all search engines (Not only Google) find, index, and rank your site.

Must Have Rules to Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines

What is the Best Practices to Follow Google Guidelines?

Robots.txt: Robots.txt is a text file created by webmasters to help search engines spiders for better crawl and index their pages which lead for better understanding the structure of their sites.

Blocked Resources: Its highly recommended to be sure that Googlebot can access any resource files that responsible of your site’s layout, such as CSS and JavaScript files.

Sitemaps: You have to provide sitemaps for search engines as well as your visitors. XML Sitemap is designed for search engines for fast index your content and find all links, posts and pages in your site easily, while HTML sitemap is mainly designed for users to give them the most important content in your site.

Image Alt txt: Images are a great way to provide rich content for your visitors but for search crawlers its unclear, then consider including description txt for images for better rank.

Amount of Links: Google used to index only about 100 kilobytes of a page. So, Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100).

HTML Errors: Broken links and HTML codes error will give a signal to bots that your site is not well optimized, consider correct and validate HTML for any issues.

Internal Links: Connect your pages from each other is a great way to increase users experience and more pages view. Keep in your mind, every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

Page Speed: Google did not develop a page speed test for anything, the main key of easier accessing your site for search engine and visitors is make your site load faster.

Paid links: If you have to place paid links on your site, make sure they are no followed or blocked by robots.txt to prevent any affect on your rankings.

Don’t Disturb Google

  • Don’t use keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t over-optimize anchor text.
  • Don’t abusing rich snippets markup.
  • Avoid sending automated queries to Google.
  • Avoid sneaky redirects, hidden text and doorway pages.
  • Don’t use software that automatically generate content.
  • Avoid low quality, scraped, stolen or nonoriginal content.

#3: Long Tail keyword Phrases

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases include at least three or more words that visitors are most probably use it to find closer relevant search results. Most of webmasters tend to placing long-tail keywords in their content specially in heading because it has less competition, easier rankings, higher sales conversions and lower costs.
Ranking at the top with Long-tail keyword is much easier because its not high competitive which lead to better chance of becoming number one for that phrase then get more clicks and quality organic traffic.


What is the Best Ways to Find Long-Tail Keywords?

Google Suggestions: When you start typing in Google search bar with your primary keyword, phrases will start drop down that already used before by visitors. List a good combinations of these keyword phrases in your content will definitely rank your posts higher and you will surprised by the results.

Google Related Searches: The same steps as Google suggestions, related searches appear at the bottom of the result page.

Google Analytics: Google analytics is the best way to check your traffic resources. Also it is providing a section for keyword phrases that used to find your site. (Dashboards -> Acquisition -> Overview -> Organic Search)

Search Queries Analytics: Google provide a great tool in Webmaster Tools that give you a report about the most search queries used to find your site. (Dashboards -> Search Traffic -> Search Analytics -> Queries)

Google Keyword Planner: is a free online tool that helps you build keyword phrases list by finding the best keyword ideas.

Sneak on Your Competitors: Semrush is another great tool to find the keywords that your competitors ranked for.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast: Snippets preview Panel in SEO WordPress plugin has the same technique of Google suggestions. When you start typing, the plugin open drop down menu with keywords in phrases loaded directly from Google.

#4: Be Social

Sharing your content on social media will definitely increase your website organic traffic. Also promote your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus is a free way to build natural backlinks from very high authority websites. In order to do so, just follow these practices and tips to boost your website traffic through Social Media Networks.


How To Increase Website Traffic With Social Media?

Share on all Social Networks: Don’t share your content on Facebook only because it is more famous than other. You don’t know where jewelry comes from.

Share Diversely: Don’t post the same post content on all social networks, using different message on each network will increase users engaging.

Share More than Once: Your fans keep increasing daily and its great idea to share your content more than once to provide your best old posts to your new fans but don’t be excessive.

Use Hashtags: Hashtags expand the reach of your posts beyond your immediate followers and help you reach new audiences.

Be Visual: Using images and videos on your fan pages will catch your visitors attentions more than static txt.

Social Media Structure Data Markup: Enable Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph on your site is a great way to encourages visitors to share your content and follow you social media fan pages.

Shared Buttons: Place social sharing button at the top or bottom of your posts will increase the change of being shared.

#5: Natural Backlinks

To make your site perform well in search engines, you have to build a huge base of natural backlinks, it’s the number of links of relevant pages linked to your posts.
The most advantages of getting natural backlinks are Get higher position in your niche, Higher rank in search engines and Increase your page authority.


What is the Best Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks?

Write In-Depth Content: When the visitors find your pages as informative, worthy and epic content, they will bookmarked it to get back again or shared on social media to help their friends.

Question and Answers Websites: Help other peoples to find the best answers for their questions, will make them appreciate your effort by visit your backlink that your already placed at the end of your answer.

Develop helpful Tool: If you have developer skills, then don’t waste it and start create a unique and helpful tool that comes handy in your niche.

Infographic: Provide awesome and creative infographic images to your visitors, will bring you a nice number of natural organic backlinks.

Social Media: The most free natural backlinks way is sharing your news on Social Media Networks.


Putting hard work in your site will give you a great results sooner or later, don’t rush and don’t push your self hard because ranking higher and getting more traffic need more time and a lot of patience.

Check high authority websites and see how they write awesome content, that’s the big reason for their high ranking. Also, try to edit and optimize your old articles to hold your position and prevent any lose of ranking.

How well does your work on these steps, Are you going to give these 5 ways a shot? Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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