Free 8 Premium Computer Optimization and Photo Editor Software

Systweak Software Company is free 8 Premium Computer Optimization and Photo Editor Softwares for both Windows and Mac to celebrate the national day 4/7 in the United States. The program will end on 5/7. Hurry up!

To download, you click on the link below and select a maximum of 3 any program, then the license key will be sent to your email:

Independence Day Offer-Grab the Amazing my Apps for Free

Below is a list of software: 4 software for Windows and 4 software for Mac.

1. Advanced Driver Updater ($39.95) – for Windows

Advanced Driver Updater is an easy-to-use utility that scans your system for outdated drivers, and updates them for peak performance.

Advanced Driver Updater

Update outdated drivers to the most recent ones
  • Downloads and installs most recent drivers
  • Includes backup and restore functionality
  • Ensures peak performance of installed hardware
  • Driver scans can be automated via schedule

Learn more about the features of the Advanced Driver Updater here.

2. Disk Speedup ($39.95) – for Windows

This easy to use but efficient disk tool defragments and optimizes hard disk drives for faster performance. Besides increasing the speed, it also offers the option to clean junk, temporary files and even duplicate files.

Disk Speedup

An advanced defragmentation tool to fine tune your PC
  • Removes disk fragments effectively
  • Speeds up your PC by cleaning junk files
  • Excellent features for effective Defragmentation
  • Improves data access response time

Learn more about the features of Disk Speedup.

3. Advanced System Protector ($49.95) – for Windows

If you need protection from cyber criminals, Advanced System Protector is the way to go. This anti-malware program effectively removes spyware, malware and adware from your system and protects it against real-time threats. With over 10 million definitions and daily updates, this is the program you need for protection against spyware attacks.

Advanced System Protector

An effective solution to find and remove malware infections present on your PC
  • #1 Rated Spyware scan and clean engine
  • Extremely light on system resources
  • Easy to download and install
  • Free regular definition updates

Learn more about the features of Advanced System Protector.

4. RegClean Pro ($29.95) – for Windows

The registry is the control and management database that Windows uses to try to ensure that your hardware and software are running at peak performance. Each time you install a new program, the registry changes. Most times you uninstall a program, junk is left behind in the registry.

RegClean Pro

Fine tune your PC automatically with RegClean Pro
  • Fixes invalid registry entries
  • Defrags and compacts the registry
  • Improves system response time
  • Prevent system crashes and BSODs

Learn more about the features of RegClean Pro.

5. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro ($18.99) – for Mac

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use duplicate image removal utility. It eliminates the need to sift through thousands of images in search of duplicate and similar photos. Simply launch the software and identify the photos and folders of your choice. Then choose the type of scan, and delete duplicate copies of images in a flash. Removing duplicates releases disk space and saves time.

uplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Remove duplicates and keep your photos collection organized
  • Detects Exact & Similar Photos
  • Auto-Marks Duplicates
  • Recovers Storage Space
  • Works with External Storage Devices

Learn more about the features of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro here.

6. Tweak Photo ($37.99) – for Mac

Tweak Photo

Apply countless effects on numerous photos in seconds
  • Batch Format Conversion & Rename
  • Re-size & Auto-correct Orientation
  • Custom Enhance & Texture Effects
  • Batch Effects Layer Management

Learn more about the features of Tweak Photos here

7. Disk Analyzer Pro ($9.99) – for Mac

Organize your cluttered files and recover precious hard disk space on your Mac in a few simple steps. It makes disk management easier than before.

Disk Analyzer Pro

It makes disk management easier than before
  • Detailed disk space consumption reports
  • Searchs unwanted files with custom search criteria
  • Finds and deletes junk and temporary files
  • Locates biggest folders and oldest files

Learn more about the features of Disk Analyzer Pro here

8. TuneupMyMac ($59.95) – for Mac

TuneupMyMac’s advanced features and powerful tools help enhance Mac speed with ease and improve your experience exclusively.


Optimize your hard drive and make your Mac more stable
  • Cleans your Mac in single click
  • Frees up space on your hard drive
  • Speeds up your Mac by removing junk files
  • Deletes sensitive and confidential data securely

Learn more about the features of TuneupMyMac here

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