40 Best Free Online SEO Tools

The 40 Best Free Online SEO Tools and Resources for On-Page Optimization and website analysis to make your life easier and better.

Search engine optimization is a very important marketing tactic that should be mastered by all business owners. SEO is a lot more than branding or business promotion. It is an important strategy that can make you virtually active and alive.

Best Free Online SEO Tools

A lot of companies tend to invest several thousand dollars on SEO every month. Conversely, the investment proves to be futile if immediate results are not seen! With this been said, are you prepared to invest on SEO tools that don’t prove to be useful or are you hunting for tools that can take your virtual image to a whole new level?

If you are using search engine optimization for the first time, here are The Incredible List of 40 Best Free Online Tools for SEO.

Best Free Online SEO Tools

#1 Woorank

Free Online SEO Tools-woorank

The best of best SEO analysis tools online begins with “Woorank”. This is one of those very few tools with more than 75000+ websites in its bag. WooRank has clients who range from small down-town businesses to well reputed companies! It is a brand trusted by several thousand clients.

WooRank is extremely famous for its in-depth reviews. The company monitors the real-time performance of websites. Additionally, it promises maximum visibility in three critical platforms, namely social media, usability and SEO.

#2 Semrush

Free Online SEO Tools-semrush

SEMRush has found an irreplaceable place in the hearts and minds of ardent SEOers. It is customized for digital marketing professionals. The free online tool for SEO offers three different opportunities. It generates analytics reports. These reports will give you a comprehensive insight through the strategies used by your competitors.

From link building to display advertising, SEMRush will decode your rivals. Secondly, SEMRush uses many competitive tools for keyword identification and comparison of existing domains. Thirdly, the SEO tool will help you launch effective global campaigns. It takes care of all important metrics required to ensure apt keyword ranking and better on-page health.

#3 Ahrefs

Free Online SEO Tools-ahrefs


One of the very few free online tools for SEO with periodic updates would be “ahrefs”. It is a powerful SEO tool with the world’s largest collection of backlink indexes. These indexes are updated almost every 15 minutes.

Ahrefs makes use of a special crawler to make sure you don’t see the information viewed by conventional search engine optimizers. Instead, Ahrefs promises to delight potential marketers with much more. The platform has in-built APIs that gather information from different domains and corners of the internet. You will get a comprehensive insight through all that is exciting and useful.

#4 Majestic SEO

Free Online SEO Tools-majestic

The list of SEO analysis tools online will remain incomplete without “Majestic SEO”. This is a customized search engine for four different types of professionals, namely developers, SEO architects, entrepreneurs and media analysts. Majestic SEO provides a Site Explorer to navigate through URLs and domains in detail. Similarly, it has a Search Explorer to identify the rank of your website based on its keywords.

The search score will give you a quick glimpse on where your website lies during Google Searches. Link Intelligence API is one of Majestic’s key selling points. It uses an advanced intelligence map to collect and analyze raw data.

#5 Open Site Explorer

Free Online SEO Tools-Open_Site_Explorer

This is an integral component of Moz. The Open Site Explorer identifies link and content building opportunities. It is ideal for researching and comparing top pages, competitor backlinks, social media activity and analysis of anchor text.

#6 Moz Tools

Free Online SEO Tools-moz

Moz has both paid and free tools for potential SEO marketers. The free tools are meant for everyone with a live website. The free tool comprises of the following features:

  • MozCast – This is a special interface that will help you keep track of daily changes. As your website’s rank fluctuates in Google’s Rankings, MozCast will give you an account of it.
  • Moz Local – This is an important feature that identifies your position in US Business listings.
  • Moz Bar – The Moz Bar is used to perform page analysis and fine-tuned keyword research.

#7 SEO Centro

Free Online SEO Tools-seocentro

SEO Centro offers a collection of tools. This includes powerful keyword suggester, SEO analyzers, Meta tag analyzers, rank checker, keyword analyzer, social link popularity, keyword density analyzer and Page Rank checker. These are critical tools that can affect your ultimate web performance. Here is a quick walk through few must-have features from SEO Centro:

  • Meta Tag Analyzer will take care of your site’s meta information. It will verify if the right mix of keywords are included within the <Meta> tag.
  • PageRank Check identifies your site’s rank during Google searches.
  • Keyword Density analyzer will help you measure the percentage of keywords in your website. Always remember that keyword density has to be maintained within admissible limits.

#8 Small Seo Tools

Free Online SEO Tools-smallseotools

The list of best free online tools for SEO closes with “Small SEO Tools”! Unlike many other search engine optimization tools, Small SEO Tools is a collection of basic utilities that should be used to create successful websites.

This includes keyword position analyzer, article rewriter, online ping website tool, plagiarism checker, backlink checker, link tracker, backlink maker, Google PageRank Checker, reverse IP Domain checker, word count meter, spell checker, page speed checker, domain age checker, websites broken link identifier, meta tag analyzer, website page snooper, spider simulator, keyword density checker and page compares. The list of tools offered by this SEO site is endless!

Special SEO Tools

#9 Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool

Free Online SEO Tools-ninja

Put your site and your competitor’s website in the same Fighting Arena

Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool is a part of wonderful online tools from Internet Marketing Ninjas Tools that compare On-pages optimization factors in real time. This is invaluable competitive intelligence for SEO.

#10 SEO Site Checkup

Free Online SEO Tools-seositecheckup

SEO Site Checkup gives you the ability to instantly analyze your SEO issues and check competitors SEO profiles.

#11 Google Mobile Friendly Checker

Free Online SEO Tools-mobile_friendly

Check your website mobile-friendliness and how to optimize it for mobile devices. There are some really good tools out there that can help you figure out whether you are a “mobile-friend” or a “mobile-foe.” If I had to recommend a tool, it would be Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Speed Optimization Test for SEO Tools

#12 Google PageSpeed Insights

Free Online SEO Tools-googlespeedtest

The best online speed analyzing tool you would ever use. It analyzing your page content resources like CSS or Javascript files and generates the best suggestions for how to fix your issues to make your website as faster as possible.

#13 GTmetrix

Free Online SEO Tools-gtmetrix

GTmetrix is well known online speed analyzing tool that gives you full report on how well your site loads and provides powerful recommendations on how to optimize it.


#14 Pingdom Website Speed Test

Free Online SEO Tools-pingdom

Because nobody likes a slow website, here is another very famous speed analyzing sped tool to make your website faster.


#15 WebPagetest

Free Online SEO Tools-webpagetest

This amazing tool helps you to test your website from multiple locations around the world using real browsers and give you best suggestions for improvements.


Social Media SEO Tools

#16 FollowerWonk

Free Online SEO Tools-folloerwonkThis is one of the finest ways by which you can keep in touch with potential audiences. FollowerWonk will let you segment, search and compare the growth of your site. In fact, it supports tracking of Twitter users too.


#17 SharedCount

Free Online SEO Tools-sharedcount

Track your pages social presence like shares, likes, tweets, and more. Its a great idea to determine, how many shares and likes you got to know your position in social media marketing.


Keywords SEO Tools

#18 Google Keyword Planner

Free Online SEO Tools-googlekeywordplanner

A great online free tool to get the best ideas for your main keyword and list the most valuable keyword phrases to help you for successful keyword research.


#19 Wordstream Free Keyword Tools

Free Online SEO Tools-wordstream

Wordstream is the best free online keyword tool providing free keyword research, keyword analysis and keyword monthly volume search.


#20 Wordtracker

Free Online SEO Tools-wordtracker

Wordtracker is your best choice to achieve a powerful keyword research for low competitive keywords to get more traffic and boost your SEO.


#21 Keyword Tool

Free Online SEO Tools-keywordtool Keyword Tool is the best alternative keyword online tool to Google keyword planner.
  • It’s completely free
  • It generates up to 750+ suggestions for every keyword
  • No errors. Keyword Tool is extremely reliable as it works 99.99% of the time


Others Useful Online SEO Tools

#22 Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Free Online SEO Tools-googlestructuretool

You have to check Structured Data Markup implemented in your site for any issue to let search engines understand your content better and index it faster. Rich snippets is like Promotion your site in search engines, so make it better for more potential quality traffic.

#23 Schema Creator

Free Online SEO Tools-schemacreator If you’re like most web designers or SEOs, you might find schema.org a little difficult to grasp at first. That’s why schema-creator is the easiest online tool to create HTML with schema.org microdata.


#24 SEOmofo Snippet Optimizer

Free Online SEO Tools-seomofo

This tool simulates Google’s results pages and predict how your web page will look in search results to optimize your SERP snippets for higher click-through rates.


#25 Broken Link Checker

Free Online SEO Tools-brokenlinks

Checks and scan your website for dead links and error codes in both internal and external URLs.


#26 Plagiarism Checker (duplicate content checker)

Free Online SEO Tools-plagiarism

If you are afraid from stealing your content and plagiarism your work, then you have to do deep search in search engines for your pages copies and protect your hard work content.


#27 Count My Words

Free Online SEO Tools-Count

Count the number of words and characters in your posts quickly and easily. If you are regular content-writing buyer, this tool came too handy and useful for you.


#28 Infographics

Free Online SEO Tools-infographic Infographics images allows you to tell better stories with beautiful visually content to bring life to your posts in a few clicks.


#29 SimilarWeb

Free Online SEO Tools-similar

Find your competitors websites traffic statistics. It has API Use SimilarWeb’s Data with any product and browsers extension similarWeb.


#30 Alexa

Free Online SEO Tools-alexa

Alexa is the best online websites traffic analytics tool, because it gives you a complete traffic metrics report.


#31 Kraken Image Optimizer

Free Online SEO Tools-krakenGive your website faster loading by compress, optimize and reduce images size without affecting the quality.


#32 PingoMatic

Free Online SEO Tools-pingomatic

The best online free tool to submit your content, sitemap and RSS feed url to different search engines.


33 What is my IP Address

Free Online SEO Tools-whatismyip

Check the location and country of any IP address. Your IP-address search will give you general details only about what is on the end of that IP address.


#34 Whois Lookup

Free Online SEO Tools-whois

Whois lookup domaintools allows you to find the owner’s information for any domain name or IP address.


#35 Cloudmonitor

Free Online SEO Tools-cachecksiteonline Check and monitor the accessibility of your website for server performance measurement from different locations.


Browsers SEO Tools

#36 Rank Checker for Firefox

Free Online SEO Tools-rankcheckerplugin

Firefox Rank Checker extension allows you to easily check your website rankings in most search engines.


#37 SEO-Quake

Free Online SEO Tools-SEO_Quake

SEO-Quake display many SEO parameters and important information on search results pages. works fine with Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers.


#38 SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis

Free Online SEO Tools-SEO_Site_Tools_plugin

Shows many SEO features in your browser like Google PageRank, IP Geolocation, Domain Whois, SEO Stats, Pages Indexed, Backlinks, Alexa Rank, Social Analysis and many other SEO Tools.


#39 NoDoFollow

Free Online SEO Tools-nodofollow

Find and highlight nofollow or dofollow links in your page easily by this simple extension.


#40 PageRank for Firefox

Free Online SEO Tools-Page_Rank

Display Google pagerank status of current page in your browser.



Free Online SEO Tools: Search engine optimization is one of the finest ways by which you can check if your site performs satisfactorily in the internet! It is a cost effective way of reaching a global market. Most customers opt for sites that are ranked amongst top 70% to 80% in Google’s PageRanks. Conversely, you require SEO to be placed amongst this list of websites.

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