What is the Google AMP and How to install for WordPress ?

Google has officially announced the Google AMP on February 24, 2016 with the aim to optimize the search results on mobile devices. So what is the Google AMP and how to install Accelerated Pages Mobile for WordPress?

What is the Google AMP and How to install for WordPress ?

What is the Google AMP ?

Google APM stands for Accelerated Pages Mobile. Google AMP are web pages designed according to an open source specification. Validated AMP pages are cached in Google’s AMP cache, which allows them to be served even more quickly. If your site complies with AMP, it will be very beneficial for this page in Google search results. So if you own a WordPress blog, or a website, then quickly learn more about Google AMP and install it today!

How to install Accelerated Pages Mobile for WordPress?

To install Google AMP for WordPress, you just need to download and install the AMP plugin. But if you do not know what is the best AMP plugin for WordPress, then this article is for you: 10+ Best Free Google Amp WordPress Plugins
After installation you almost do not need to set up anything more. Or just change color, background, width,logo.

How to check the Google AMP active or not?

To check the AMP plugin is working or not, open any article and add “/amp” to the end of that article. Example:

  • You should test your website on the mobile phone display to show accurate results possible.
  • Currently, AMP  only support for the articles.

How to check Google AMP directly on your browser ?

If you are using the browser Chrome, simply visit the AMP of a any post with “/amp”, then press Ctrl + Shift + I or F12.


If you are using this AMP WordPress Plugin, We will show you how to add Google Analytic to this plugin.

  • Go to Dashboard -> Plugins > Editor then select AMP and add this code to file: amp-post-template-actions.php

Change: UA-XXXXX-Y to your account.

Now you have to understand what is the Google AMP, how it works and how to install Accelerated Pages Mobile for WordPress. Hope this post will provide a little knowledge to optimize your WordPress blog/website. If you have any question, add your comment bellow!

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