Rich Snippets – How to Promote Your Website in Search Engines

The more information you embed with markup, the higher the probability of having Rich Snippets appearing in the SERPs and increase your traffic.

Don’t deal with search engines as a traffic source only, think out of the box to get better index and improve your rank like high authority websites.
Rich Snippets – How to Promote Your Website in Search Engines
If your pages appear in search engines including your face image, review stars, an aggregate rating value and vote count –This is called “Promotion”. Imagine that, the mighty search engine Google is promoting your websites in his search pages results – How much traffic you could handle it?!

What is The Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are improved search engine listings that can increase traffic to your website. Let’s say you have a product review, by including this review data in your markup, this information will be passed into search engines thus allowing them to display a star rating and more information about the review.

What is The Rich Snippets

You can embed as much information to be displayed in searches as you want, but you cannot ask search engines to hide any information that is published (readable by the end-user) on a webpage.

What is The Advantages of Using Rich Snippets?

The more information you embed with markup, the higher the probability of having rich snippets appearing in the SERPs (search engine results page). This is not guaranteed though, but it does increases your chances of it – and potentially attracting more traffic. Here is the most benefits of rich snippets:-

  • Higher rankings in search results.
  • Increase your website authority rank.
  • Grabbing the user’s attention to your relevant results.
  • More quality targeted traffic which lead to better conversion rates.
  • Boosting CTR (Click-Through-Rate) which lead for increasing the potential traffic.
  • Providing instant, useful and precise information about your pages before the user decide to click on it.

How to Make Your Site Eligible for Rich Snippets?

It’s pretty much reasonable to set some rules by Google before displaying this advanced and powerful feature for your site because it’s definitely will increase your traffic. Here is the most important rules that you should follow before placing markup code.

  1. Add structured data of the appropriate type to your content.
  2. Make sure to comply with Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines and Structured Data Policies.
  3. Link your website to your Google+ profile page using meta Rel=publisher to increase the chance of finding your Rich Snippets markup and speed up the process a little bit.

How to Implement Rich Snippets Markup?

First and Foremost, you should know that, What is the type of your content? – and – What is the type of data format you will use it as markup in your site?

Google supports Rich Snippets for the following data types, pick up one of them that fit your website content.

  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Review
  • Event
  • SoftwareApplication
  • Video Search
  • Local Businesses

There are Three data formats that you can use it to markup rich snippets, which is Microdata, Microformats and RDFa. Google suggests using microdata, as outlined at, but any of the three formats below are acceptable.

Google Markup Helper Tool is your best choice to generate the necessary markup code and then implement it easily in your HTML body.


What is the Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins?

If you are not comfortable with implement codes in your HTML and would like for easy way to Rich Snippets implementation – then WordPress plugins is your best choice.

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

You have to validate your website structured data after implementation by Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool to check if everything has been set correctly or not.

Google will discover it the next time crawling your site and will give you all information you need to track the process throughGoogle Webmaster Tools -> Search Appearance -> Structured Data

Last Word …

Rich Snippets feature and Structure Data Markup is not the only way to enhance your website to attract more traffic, but it’s another step closer to place your website within the visibility scope of the world out there.

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