10 Best Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

Discover these awesome Top 10 Best Ways to Increase Facebook Likes on your pages to build your own solid audience and boost your social media ranking.

Best Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook has become the most used social media network in today’s generation. There are people of all ages in this social network and it is been used for various purposes. Likes and comments are two advantages that this concept brings in. to have a Humpty number of contact list is the first thing that you need to concentrate on and then utilize the love that your friends have towards you. Post pictures and blogs that is related to your theme.

How to Increase Facebook Likes Free?

#1 Be Active

Channelizing the likes is important. if you have created a commercial page in facebook and if you don’t update it on a daily basis then the chances are less that you get likes because few posts that is posted in a long span of time can just be forgotten totally. So keep updating your page on a regular basis and increase your likes gradually.

#2 Post Catchy-eye Content

Creativity is the key of success in social media world. To get more likes, there should be something special done on facebook that you get a lot of visit to that page. It could be a cute picture or it could even be a blog that can be attractive. If you get more number of likes then the chances of increased number of visits is more. Use relevant blog themes and this can do wonders for you.

  • Use funny images
  • Use infographics images
  • Post your idea inside images
  • Upload videos instead of posting a video link
  • Post top, unique, quality and engaging content

#3 Buying Facebook likes

There are options to buy likes so that your number of likes will increase and you will have more followers in facebook. But even otherwise you can increase the number of likes to your page for free by utilizing the skill of your marketing personal.

Here is the Top 10 Websites for Buy Facebook Likes and Shares:-

  1. Socialshark
  2. Buylikesmedia
  3. Boostfansnow
  4. Getpremiumfans
  5. Alphalikes
  6. Growsocialfans
  7. 1Millionfans
  8. Boostlikes
  9. Fanowers
  10. Easysocials

#4 Start a contest

Running a Facebook contests will definitely boost and increase facebook likes for your pages and posts, most companies run contests to build their audience and get more likes.

  • Make your facebook contest fun
  • Make your facebook contest easy
  • Make your facebook contest relevant to your audience
  • Encourages users to share their results with their friends

If you have a huge customer base or friend base then you should be utilizing this strength of yours. Contacts play a major role in facebook trafficking. If you have a huge lot of contacts then you have better chances of getting more likes faster. Just see that you utilize it in a proper way.

#5 Tagging and Re-Tagging

Tagging is calling someone of your friends by creating a link to his profile. For example, you can upload a picture then tag peoples who are in with you in that image. Tagging is an awesome way for receiving natural likes. Currently Facebook allows Maximum 50 tags which is quite easy to make like floods.

#6 Be Socialite: Like and Comment

Like and comment in other people’s facebook pages with small link to your page will bring attention to your wonderful content, but you should comment only relevant content to prevent banned from Admin of these pages. This small step can attract reasonably number of likes.

The time when you comment is important because only when there is traffic things can move. If you can post your comments in the time where there is more number of traffic in facebook then you will tend to get likes faster than the time frame that will take while you post it in odd time.

How to Increase Facebook Likes Fast?

#7 Popup like

One of the best ways to increase facebook likes is using popup like windows which lead for massive boost to your social media audience. There are many people consider popup windows is a bad way to gain likes and they may be right only if your pop windows are ugly. So, design attractive pop windows to prevent annoying your visitors.

You may also use WordPress plugin to implement this great feature in your website, Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox WordPress plugin is the best in this field. With this Plugin you can display a preconfigured Facebook Fan Page-Like.


#8 Add Like Button to Your Posts and Pages

Increase facebook likes on your posts by placing awesome and attractive like button at the end or the beginning of your post. There are many WordPress plugins that help you to place a like button in your posts or pages easily, and here is the best of these social sharing plugins.

  1. Flare
  2. ShareThis
  3. AddThis Sharing Buttons
  4. Floating Social Media Icon
  5. Social Media Feather
  6. Social Media Widget
  7. Shareaholic
  8. Share Buttons by AddToAny
  9. Microblog Poster


#9 Add Like Widget or Box to Your Sidebar

Displaying facebook feed widget will grab your visitors attention easily to your facebook profile page and increase facebook likes, Easy Facebook Like Box WordPress Plugin is one of the best plugins out there to help you in this point. Easy facebook like box display fan page posts, like button, and connections on your website using Widget, shortcode or in Auto PopUp.


#10 Like Exchanging Service Websites

Advertisement is the main media to reach potential customers and there are lot of them who follow your website because of the publicity you give through your marketing team. The cheapest and the best way to increase facebook likes without the fear of making your efforts a failure, is using like exchanging websites, all of them has the same principle which is – “Like to get Likes“.

Here is the best free facebook and social media exchange service websites:-


Last Words…

When it comes to attracting your visitors, what you have to show them is what matters the most. Creating new things relatively would be the best thing to do for your visitors and fans. The old attraction of networking is the best to bring in traffic to your website.

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