5 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic From Facebook

Facebook is one of the best and effective ways to bring a huge traffic to your site. Here is the Top Best Ways to Increase Your site Traffic with Facebook.

Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic From Facebook

Social networking is becoming a fever in everybody’s life. If you check on the trafficking that these social media networks get are unbelievably high and using this massive traffic can be profitable for you. Here is the Top Best Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic with Facebook.

#1. Let Visitors Like and Share Your Content

When somebody loves your products, services and content then they will definitely have a visit to your website and thus the trafficking towards your page will automatically increase. It would be a casual way to reach a huge number of audience.

Giving the ability to your visitors to share and like your posts on social media is one of the best ways to increase your website traffic from Facebook.

You may add horizontal or floating social bar that has like and share buttons by using Floating Social Media Icon WordPress plugin or Share Buttons by AddToAny WordPress plugin.


#2. Regularly Post Engaging Content

Create a page in the facebook which looks a little attractive and then keep adding something new on a daily basis. If you are able to do something creative and different, the results would be much better and you can have a better response.
Here are the Most Effective Tips to Increase Blog Traffic With Facebook:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Use “How-To” Articles
  3. Post a “Weekly Wrap Up”
  4. Make your updates short
  5. Upload short funny video
  6. Run a contests on your site
  7. Make your post’s images big
  8. Include links to your website
  9. Use a short quote from your site
  10. Share other people’s successful content


#3. Re-Publish Successful Posts

Any kind of a content when it is first released there are chances of getting positive and negative feedback but it can work only if there are people watching actively.

If you have a successful post that getting high number of likes and shares daily, why you don’t re-publish on your facebook again to gain more and more visitors. Your friends would like them and so their friends.


#4. Use Facebook Ads

The concept of facebook is different from normal marketing strategies. If you check out the difference then you will find that this method is more effective than others. Getting a huge traffic for your website is definitely possible with this giant social media network – Facebook.

Invest some of your earned money to promote your website on facebook , is a great way to increase your website presence in social media.


#5. Measure and Analyze Your Audience

There is never a possibility to reach out to thousands in a short period of time other than facebook. It is a great idea to invest on.

Once you start getting likes, you will have a large audience base watching you and your friends would definitely like it but for other to like, it is important that your content is the best.

Check the following ways to measure, analyze and optimize your audience to maximum values:-

  • Set up various types of calls to action and offers to see which ones drive the most engagement
  • Test different types of post (images only, image with small txt and thumbnail with long txt description)
  • Use View Insights page to see which posts are performing the best and which audiences are engaging the most


Wrapping UP…

You can find that, Facebook is one of the best and effective ways to bring in the desired amount of trafficking on to your website.

Though the point in adding more customers to your website cannot be done until and unless they are fully sold with your website and the best kind of website designing would be the only thing that can impress them but to make people reach that position this is the best way to follow.

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