45+ Best Cinematic Music Packs

Music has always been a vital component of Cinematic. Today i will show you list of Best Cinematic Music Packs that is good for cinematic type of music with sounds such as strings, brass, bells, choir sounds etc.


This collection features track of best Music Packs that will comfortably fall into cinematic use. 100% cinematic production music high quality with a royalty license.

Ambient Piano Bundle of 10 Songs

[jwplayer mediaid=”383″]
A superb collection of my beautiful & ambient piano tracks. ( for chill moods and not only. )

Cinematic & Minimalistic Piano Bundle

[jwplayer mediaid=”384″]
Enjoy my beautiful collection of cinematic and minimalistic piano tracks. Save more than 50$ with this bundle of 10 dreamy songs !

Cinematic Pack 2

[jwplayer mediaid=”385″]
Want with to save on music purchase? Then this package for you!

Epic Action Trailer Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”386″]
Package powerful epic motivating action tracks. All the tracks of high quality. Save your money by purchasing 10 tracks at a lower price.

Epic Dark Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”387″]
Series of orchestral dark music (10 songs) for contents and moments of tension, suspense and drama.

Intense Cinematic Hybrid Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”388″]
Intense Cinematic Hybrid Pack contains everything you need if you are looking for high quality music for your next blockbusting masterpiece. This pack contains a wide collection of amazing dramatic, epic, hybrid, industrial, dark and mysterious action music that will instantly add that high budget sound to your work.

Noir Dangerous Adventure Pack 1

[jwplayer mediaid=”389″]
A collection of ten well-crafted music tracks to convey the more complex emotional plots of suspense and wonders, curiosity and danger, hazardous action, the ominous dream-like calm before the storm. The instrumentation relies on diverse elements drawn from the genres of cinematic, dance electro, rock, synth-pop, techno, and trance. The music is well-suited for the visual scenarios of complex and mysterious behavior, impenetrable motives, risky adventure, noir, crime and investigation.

Romantic Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”390″]
Love melodies and emotional feelings are in this pack. You can use them in any of your project, presentation, voice over works, commerce and corporate works, business marketing projects which has love in it.

Sci-Fantasy Background Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”391″]
It’s full music pack, which contains everything you need for film, games scoring, etc. There you can find dark ambient soundscapes, light chill music and even colorful composition for full orchestra. And all in 1 package. Save 50% right now!

Soundtrack Collection Vol.1

[jwplayer mediaid=”392″]
These track are action ,drama,historical and suspense tracks … you can use as soundtracks in movie or in a trailer … feel free to be creative with it

Big Cinematic Pack 2

[jwplayer mediaid=”393″]
Enjoy the magic of passionate and sentimental strings, the power of taiko drums and the greatness of brass with this epic cinematic music pack! Dramatic and emotional modern sounding themes for movies, trailers, videogames and every corporate use.

Cinematic Action Mega Bundle

[jwplayer mediaid=”394″]
This bundle contains ten high energy items . Some of them are cinematic, and some are rock,metal ,breakbeat or a combination of different styles..

Cinematic Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”395″]
A collection of cinematic tracks with different moods (18 minutes of music): Epic, Science-fiction, Dark, Dramatic, Heroic-Fantasy and light fantasy. This pack will be perfect for YouTube videos, cinematic projects, websites, commercials, and more.

Cinematic Pack of 8 Epic Tracks

[jwplayer mediaid=”396″]
A selection of tracks with epic orchestrations and styles which evoke the past, present or future. Styles that are represented: modern minimalist, epic orchestral trailer music, celtic / historical and synth / futuristic. The tracks range from dramatic and filled with energy and inspiration, to dark and atmospheric.

Dark Cinematic Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”398″]
Save money and buy our Dark Cinematic Music Pack! This pack contains 10 items made specifically for deep, dark trailers and intros, all in 1 package with a total runtime of over 13 minutes! Save 50% now!

Dawn of Heroes Orchestral Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”399″]
This is not an age of heroes. The world sunk in darkness needs no heroes. They are but a memory of a forgotten time. This is the dawn of heroes. A collection of 9 dramatic songs, both tragic and heroic, solemn and hopeful, featuring epic orchestral instrumentation and a wealth of thematic material. Suitable for any dramatic cinematic of videogame project.

Dramatic Cinematic Trailer Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”400″]

Dramatic Cinematic Trailer Pack contains everything you need if you are looking for high quality music for your next blockbusting masterpiece. This pack contains a wide collection of amazing dramatic, epic, dark and mysterious action music that will instantly add that high budget sound to your work. This pack contains 10 items and has a runtime of almost 15 minutes. Buying this pack saves you about 50% from buying the files separately!

Epic Cinematic Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”401″]
A collection of eight epic and cinematic tracks. They are all played by a large orchestra. Perfect for movie, game or TV projects.

Epic Heroes Pack 2

[jwplayer mediaid=”402″]
Big collection of modern cinematic pieces for movies, trailers, videogames and advertising.
You will find hybrid tracks with dubstep and electronic elements blended to the orchestra and more classic choir and orchestra songs.

Epic Score Vol. I

[jwplayer mediaid=”403″]


Techno-Thriller Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”404″]
This is a collection of 10 different tracks, a total of 15 minutes of edgy music designed with the techno-thriller genre in mind. Using a wide variety of electronica, techno and classical instrumentation this pack provides music for any situation, from fast-paced action to dramatic or suspenseful cues. The music contained in this pack can be used in any project, from films to video games.

Trailer Pack 2

[jwplayer mediaid=”405″]
This pack contains 9 trailer tracks good for movies, games, animations, compilations and many more. I hope you enjoy this pack and find there good tracks for you.

Virtual Reality – Sci-Fi Soundtrack Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”406″]
The Sci-Fi Soundtrack Pack is a collection of some of my best science fiction themed songs. The Pack contains 8 Audiojungle tracks designed to work for any project in this genre and beyond. These tracks range from orchestral to electronic, with a wide variety of instruments. Action, ambiental, dramatic, suspense, the songs in this collection fit any scenario.

Warriors & Legends Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”407″]
An epic cinematic music pack featuring a collection of action and dramatic tracks. The pack is war and battle themed, and the tracks are heroic and solemn in tone. They include intense percussive action, suspenseful atmosphere and powerful anthems. The songs feature instrumentation that mixes orchestral (choir, strings, trumpet, french horns, percussions) and electronica (synth pads, bass, percussions and effects).

Battle Pack 1

[jwplayer mediaid=”408″]
This is a action and dramatic pack with nine songs very good for movies, trailers, games and much more. Here you can find lots of tension end epic atmosphere. For creating this pack I used many different instruments like strings, choirs, trumpets, brasses, drums, violins, horns, percussion, etc.

Battle Pack 2

[jwplayer mediaid=”409″]
This is a action and dramatic pack with nine songs. Here you can find five action intro songs great for openers, trailers, intros and much more. Other four song are created for movies and cinematic presentations. The whole pack is created for videos, games, movies, trailers, intros, war backgrounds, openings, etc.

Cinematic Action Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”410″]
Best of my cinematic music are in this pack. Ideally for your movie, video, game or trailer. All in ONE pack! Save your money!

Cinematic Dream Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”411″]
Here are collected the seven best drama, epic and somewhat sentimental tracks for your Projects summary

Dark & Scary Cinematic Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”412″]
Save money and buy our Epic & Scary Cinematic Music Pack! This pack contains 10 of our most dark and scary tracks, all in 1 creepy package with a total runtime of amost 15 minutes! Save 50%!

Epic Intense Hybrid Trailer Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”413″]
Epic Intense Hybrid Trailer Pack contains everything you need if you are looking for high quality music for your next blockbusting masterpiece. This pack contains a wide collection of amazing dramatic, epic, hybrid, industrial, dark and mysterious action music that will instantly add that high budget sound to your work.

Into The Abyss – Dark Suspenseful Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”414″]
This pack contains a collection of 8 suspenseful tracks. The songs add up to create a mysterious and dark atmosphere that is designed to accomodate the needs of your project in every possible way. The combination of styles and instrumentation blends into creating a complete and surreal image of a dark world.

Quest for Vengeance Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”415″]
A powerful music pack featuring a collection of 8 dramatic/action songs, a total of almost 20 minutes of music that mixes orchestral and electronica styles and two songs with militaristic instruments (“Martial Law”, “Prepare for War”). The pack contains a cohesive sound that flows throughout the eight tracks, which makes the collection handy to use withing a movie or a game.

Scenetrax – Suspense Vol.1

[jwplayer mediaid=”416″]
Welcome to the Scenetrax Series, Suspense Volume 1. This collection is comprised of orchestral compositions consisting mainly of timpani, strings, violin, viola and cellos. The mood is dark and brooding and is an excellent choice for those needing soundtrack compositions.

Sentimental Romantic Pack 1

[jwplayer mediaid=”417″]
Lyrical, romantic, positive pack . Perfectly approaches for films, video-presentation, advertisements.

Trailer Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”418″]
This pack contains 9 trailer tracks good for movies, games or animations Some are new, some older. I hope you enjoy this pack.

Epic Cinematic Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”419″]
A great variety of epic cinematic music for trailers, cinematic scenes in film or game industry.

Echoes of Solitude Orchestral Music Pack

[jwplayer mediaid=”420″]
This collection is an emotional powerhouse. Seven dramatic orchestral songs featuring a wealth of instruments and a beautiful series of themes. This is the ideal pack for any dramatic cinematic or videogame project.

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