15+ Best Modules for CMS Pro

Best Modules for CMS Pro are just out there in the market and you don’t have to wait for your competitors to over you when you can download the free versions and get moving.


Modules for CMS pro come with a number of features that combine just well to give you the experience you are looking for. We have really tried our best to ensure that you get what your visitors will be looking for when they actually visit your website.

DigiShop Module

DigiShop is a CMS pro premium module designed to enable you sell digital downloads from your site.

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Portfolio Module

Portfolio is a CMS pro! premium module designed to enable you to arrange your projects and present your works for the visitors of your site. Moreover, module may not necessarily be used as a portfolio – it can as well be referred to as a catalogue for any kind of items.

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Booking Module

Booking Manager is a CMS pro premium responsive module an online event booking system allowing users to sign-up for events directly on your website.

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Invoicing Module

Invoice Manager is a CMS pro premium module built for freelancers and small businesses that need a simple, yet powerful web based invoicing system.

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Visual Forms

01_landing_page (1)
Visual Forms module, allows website administrator to easily create web forms with the help of a simple drag-and-drop editor.

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Universal Timeline

Timeline module will allow you to build unlimited visually rich interactive timelines on your website. You will be able to display blog posts, embedded videos, photo galleries, sliders, maps etc…

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Blog Manager

Article Manager is a CMS pro premium module designed to enable you to create unique Blogs/Articles/News items.

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Slider Manager

Slider Manager is easy to use image gallery and content slider plugin with captions, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. As navigation you can use thumbnails, or bullets.

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Simple Forum

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Simple Forum is a CMS pro premium module designed to enable you to create forum/ask a question/knowledge base for your users.

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Photoshop Drive

01_Landing_Page (3)
Photoshop Drive is a CMS pro! premium module that allows you to share your free/membership Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop-related resources.

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BanCountry lookup’s for a country code then it redirect or ban the user country listed. Very Easy to Ban Automatic Bot System also it is very easy to implement. And not require any modification files.

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Advanced Google Maps-Directions

This is an unofficial module for CMS pro based on Google maps API v3. It is tested under v4.05, 4.06 and 4.10 of CMS pro. After installing this module you will be able to add multiple google maps with directions on any page of CMS pro.

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Shop Module for CMS pro

01_Grid Layout
Shop is premium module for cms pro. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores.

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