10+ Best Web Design Company WordPress Themes 2016

Infinity – High Performance WordPress SEO Theme

A very clean and white layout. Simplistic in nature, and direct. The theme is most emphasized by its’ use of photos and multi directional swipe patterns making it a wonderful option to showcase products or portfolio work. Color layouts are neat and do not stand out as bold or overpowering, allowing for the content to shine. And the navigational bar is easy to see and access on each page. There are less options in regards to website tools to use, but the layout is rather new and expanding in features.

As a layout for a starter company, this would be a wonderful way to captivate a business audience with a simple style and function. With a couple variations, this layout can be transformed into a gallery-style layout or a slider focused mainly on thumbnails. This allows a company to use this web design WordPress theme for a variety of visual representations and projects. This would be a perfect starter project for any business.


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