How to change UTF-8 in eclipse

How to change UTF-8 in eclipse?

When you add a new html file or other text file to the project its encoding is set to Cp1250. But you not sure why, You want to change the default encoding to UTF-8? In this article I will guide you to do that!

– Window -> Preferences -> General -> Content Types

This has a list of file types, click through them and make sure that the encoding for them is either not set, or set to UTF-8.

utf-8 in eclipse 1

– Window -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace

Set Text file encoding to Other: UTF-8.

utf-8 in eclipse 2

– Window -> Preferences -> Web -> CSS Files, HTML Files, JSP Files and XML -> XML Files

Set encoding to ISO 10646/Unicode(UTF-8)
A bit of a confusing name, but UTF-8 is actually also an ISO standard.

utf-8 in eclipse 3

Change your project settings
When this is done, check your project settings.

Select your project and open the Project Properties:

– Project -> Properties

utf-8 in eclipse 4

–> clean and check your project. Thanks for reading!

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