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          The name of the game is Grayscale. The anti-responsive, anti-flashy, anti bells and whistles theme. No popular or current styles around here ;). For those looking to take a trip back to simpler times in black and white with a good ol’ fashioned fixed-width (that’s pixels baby) design that looks the exact same across all devices, this is the theme for you.

          Free Grayscales Theme is a minimalist and void of some common design standards such as dropdown menus as a conscious design choice with “the simpler, the better” in mind.

          A simple grayscales theme that looks quite effective.

          This a simple Free Grayscales Theme, that’s easy on the eyes and looks quite stylish. It’s perfect for those wanting a theme not too vibrant and outstanding, but want something that looks professional and simple.
Please leave any feedback below, and I’ll see what I can do about improving the theme.

          Changed the text color of active and inactive tabs. Active tabs had black text, and could be hard to read, so I’ve changed it to white. Inactive tabs had white text, but this was now the same as the active tab, so I’ve changed it to a dark grey. It also makes the active tab seem more important than the others, given the text colour, which I think is needed.

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