Top 10 Best Google Authenticator WordPress Plugins

If you are looking for a plugin that helps you protect your WordPress administrator account and avoid any dictionary attacks by locking user accounts, so this article is for you. In this post i have collected Top 10 Best Google Authenticator WordPress Plugins for you to download.


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System for bloggers, that is why hackers always look for a soft target on WordPress. If one of your account, password is hacked and cracked, that security leak can put your other accounts in danger. That why you should install a Authenticator Plugin for your site. When a hacker guesses your username and password, they will not be able to login to your site without a code or token because it is usually connected to your mobile.

Bellow are 10 best free and premium Google Authenticator Plugins available for WordPress. I hope you found them useful!

Google Authenticator


Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator plugin for WordPress gives you two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app for Android/iPhone/Blackberry. If you are security aware, you may already have the Google Authenticator app installed on your smartphone, using it for two-factor authentication on Gmail/Dropbox/Lastpass/Amazon etc.


Centrora Security Plugin


Centrora Security is a new plugin that modified from OSE Firewall Security. A WordPress Firewall Security to protect your WordPress Sites from attacks and hacking. The built-in Malware and Security Scanner helps you identify any security risks, malicious codes, spam, virus, SQL injection, and security vulnerabilities.


5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection


Each login requires a new, unique, time restrained OTP (one time password) your phone generates. Even if someone knows your password they won’t be able to login. If someone tricks you into clicking “remember password” on an unsafe computer – it won’t matter! If someone steals an old OTP – even that won’t matter because they’re valid for only 2 minutes!


WordPress Clef Plugin free


Clef replaces passwords with beautifully simple, strongly encrypted, two-factor authentication using your smartphone.


Google Authenticator for WordPress


A Google Authenticator WordPress plugin which adds 2-factor authentication to your blog.


OTP and Passwords for Google Authenticator, McAfee, DS3


Easy secure login, use password or OTP as you need. Works with Smart Crib dongles and free apps: Google Authenticator, Pledge, DS3 OATH, AuthWay Token


SZ – Google for WordPress


Plugin to integrate Google’s products in WordPress with particular attention to the widgets provided by the social network Google+. The Google products are many and so this plugin will be a kind of development “step to step” which will be developed a little bit at a time depending on the availability of time that we can devote.


IM Login Dongle


This is a simple plugin that adds two step verification to the login. The beauty of it is, that no mobile phones are required, and pretty much anyone has an IM accout nowadays.


Two-Factor Authentication – Clockwork SMS


Controls access to your WordPress administration panel by sending a code to your mobile phone when you try and login. Configurable for different user groups with a variety of options.


Aurora Objects for WordPress


This plugin automatically copies any media added through WordPress’ media uploader to Aurora Objects. It then automatically replaces the URL to each media file with their respective AuroraObjects URL. Image thumbnails are also copied to Aurora Objects and delivered through there.


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