Three Ways to Improve Your Writing in 2018

Writing is definitely an art rather than a science. There’s always room for improved skill and joy level. Here are three tips to help you increase both.


1. Write EVERY Day

It might feel cliche, but writing every day really is the best way to improve your form, function, and speed. These are very important, especially when writing professionally for clients like TextBroker. The more you write, the better you get at stringing together sentences to write while briefly researching for TB assignments. Likewise, your ability to stay within word count requests and to write faster with fewer mistakes or needed edits, will increase your quality ratings, take less time out of your day, increase your earnings, and result in a greater sense of accomplishment. When combined, these outcomes manifest a positive energy cycle that feeds on itself. Once you create and then ride that energy, you’ll find yourself with more work that you actually love, then you know what to do with.

2. Relax; Follow the Flow

This isn’t a complicated skill to develop, though it’s is often easier suggested than practiced. Writing for profit tends to create a certain inexplicable anxiety, especially on sites with strict quality guidelines that are directly linked to how much you earn. It might seem counterintuitive to relax with so many grammar, punctuation, style rules, and client directions to keep up with. Learning to relax and lean into your natural flow, will probably be more lucrative than you think, though. Once you learn to let go of perfection, enjoy your natural pace, and stick to it, your pace will soon increase without increasing your stress level.

For some, this might mean taking a few steps backward in order to take a giant leap forward. Though a few short-term losses in speed are worth the long-term gains of being able to quickly create exceptional quality content while actually enjoying the process.

3. Write Because You LOVE It

When you discover there are ways to earn money by writing for sites like Textbroker or Upwork, it’s significantly easy to anchor your focus on earning as much money as possible. It’s completely understandable to do that, though it’s counterintuitive. When you focus solely what you’re earning as a writer instead of what you love about writing in general, you start basing your own personal worth on your earnings. That’s completely demoralizing and will manifest a dangerous self-fulfilling prophecy.

Focus instead on what you love about writing; like how great it is that best CB radio provides daily opportunities to challenge yourself!

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