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Dogs are considered the friendliest animals. They are loyal, caring, and very loving too. Among all pet animals, dogs are the most preferred ones for their extreme friendly behavior towards humans. But many times, it should be noted that a dog can be your best buddy only if you train and treat them in the right way. Training your dog in the right way is very important to ensure that it behaves right and doesn’t cause any trouble for you or your neighbors. Generally, pets are trained in training centers and by experienced trainers. But that is quite expensive. The other available, inexpensive option is using dog training applicationsMany best free dog training apps can help you greatly to train your dogs. 


Yes, advanced technologies are turning out to be highly beneficial to humans, and dog training app is one such important application with great benefits. This app helps you to train your dogs and mentor their behavior. You can train your dogs the way you want and at your comfort. Every dog may take its own time to get trained. This actually depends on both the trainer and the dog. You should be patient enough to teach your dog at the speed at which it can actually learn new things. Sometimes you may want to get all your family members involved in this training. You must be very consistent in providing the training and must stick on to your training methods. This will help your dog to learn new things easily and in a much better way. 

There are many good apps that help pet parents to train their dogs. You can choose any best app according to your requirement and convenience. You can also take some advice from people who have already been using these apps because they will know the pros and cons of the apps better. 

What these apps actually do?

Dog training apps are considered to be the future of dog training. These apps are very scientific and are high tech tools that can be used to train a dog in the best way. These apps are smart wireless systems that can guide you about molding your dog’s behavior and feeding habits. This app can be used on your smartphones. They help you to set your reminders for feeding, walking it any other regular activities. These apps also help you to learn about first aid treatments, which you can actually practice at the times of emergency. 

Advantages of using dog training application.

* These apps also help to maintain the health of your pet. You can track essential health aspects like a vet appointment, medications, helpful and harmful food habits, allergies, and potential health hazards. You will also learn how to face them and what preventive measures are to be taken. 

* You also get GPS collars for your dogs, which you can use to track them using these apps. Once you put on a GPS collar for your dog, you can monitor all its activities and movements. You can also fix boundaries for your dogs, and these apps will notify you if your dog crosses these boundaries. 

* These apps help to take care of the health of your dog by monitoring its activities and movements. Every dog needs to stay active keep walking around to be fit and healthy. These apps will track how much exercise has your dog done every done and how much more to be done to stay fit and healthy. 

* They will also help you learn about all harmful or poisonous plants that you may have never noticed. 

* These apps also have social networks where dog owners can get to know each other and the dogs they have. This way, one can easily search for new friends and partners for their dogs. You can create a profile of your dog and help him or her to get new friends. 

* They will have all detailed information about every dog breed, its characteristic behavior, do’s and don’ts, etc.

* These applications will also help you to familiarize your dogs with certain regular sounds like footsteps, creaking doors, or vehicle noises. 

* You can also get details of nearby stores, veterinary clinics, and dog parks organized all over your city.

Every dog owner dog training app comes as a convenient tool to train their dog, maintain its health, and understand it in a better way so that it gets all the love and care that it deserves. Leave no stone unturned to give them the best from your side.  

Top 5 best free dog training apps of 2019

To help you save time and money, today we have selected 5 best free puppy potty training app android and IOS.


It is time to understand your dog’s behavior and become a team. Train your dog positively with the Dogo app. Use the built-in clicker for dog obedience training, try out 70 effective tips, connect to dog parents community.

2. TrainAway

TrainAway – Dog Training is an application designed with the intention of automated training for dogs even when not at home. The dog training app is developed by K&K Innovations for Android and iOS devices.

3. Puppr

Teach your dog new tricks with the Puppr dog training app! From basic obedience to advanced circus tricks taught by Sara & Hero from America’s Got Talent.

4. Petsafe SmartDog Trainer

Use the PetSafe SMART DOG app with the PetSafe SMART DOG Remote Trainer (PDT00-15748) to train your dog and prevent jumping, digging and other misbehaviors. Innovative Bluetooth technology allows you to train your dog via your smartphone from up to 75 yards away. Send a signal for vibration, tone (beep) or static stimulation to your dog’s collar without the need of an external remote!

5. Social Puppy: Dog Training App

Social Puppy provides a personalized guide to training your dog. Complete weekly challenges and over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll teach your dog everything it needs to know to be a wonderful companion.

With an emphasis on socialization, desensitizing, and positive reinforcement training, Social Puppy will guide you through the challenges of raising and caring for a dog.

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